Friday Focus 10/04/2020 – A couple of unexpected hiccups

I’m feeling more settled into lockdown life this week and enjoying the family time, although we have had a couple of unexpected hiccups along the way.


The word 'unexpected'


Thomas took a tumble in the hallway on Saturday evening and bumped his head on the corner of the post at the bottom of our stairs. It left him with a small but fairly deep cut on the forehead. I tend to panic about things like this these days, especially as there was a fair amount of blood and I wasn’t sure if it would need a stitch or two as the sides of the cut were a little splayed. Unsurprisingly I struggled to get through to 111 and I really didn’t want to have to go to hospital if there was no need to do so. Thankfully I was able to message a friend who’s a paediatrician and get her advice. I cleaned Thomas up and found a dressing which seemed to help pull the sides of the cut together. I did worry a bit about concussion, but Thomas was absolutely fine after the initial shock of it all, much to my relief.


Thomas with a dressing on the cut on his forehead


Our cooker stopped working at the start of the week. I’d turned it off to clean it, and when I switched it back on, the timer wouldn’t work which meant the bottom oven also wouldn’t work. The top oven’s been too unreliable to use for ages. Hubby managed to bypass the timer unit and get the bottom oven working temporarily but decided a new cooker was needed. It arrived on Wednesday morning and I love it. Not only is it amazing to have two working ovens again, but they’re both so much better than my old oven was. The first thing we made was dandelion and lemon biscuits. They came out beautifully without me constantly having to rearrange trays and turn them around to try and get the biscuits to cook evenly!


Dandelion and lemon biscuits cooking in my new oven and the first batch cooling on the side



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Getting out into the garden and having a big clear out.


  • Sophie’s lovely drawing of Nanny.


Sophie's drawing of Nanny in a blue outfit with a blue flower in her hair


  • Making salt dough hearts with Sophie.


  • Receiving a lovely thoughtful gift in memory of Jessica for our garden.


A terracotta angel next to the pebbles dedicated to Jessica in our garden


  • Sitting in the sunshine in the garden reading my book.


  • Making a tepee for the children using bamboo canes and old sheets. Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun in it reminded me of how much the girls enjoyed sitting in the tepees I used to make for them.


Sophie and Thomas having a hug inside their tepee


  • Thomas saying “peas” and “nank-oo” (please and thank you).


  • Being given an Easter box for the children from a local church filled with toys and craft items. Sophie wanted to share some of the items with her friends, so we dropped them off while out for our walk. She was so happy to get to say hello and wave at her friends from a distance too.


  • Sophie’s beautiful Easter bonnet that she decorated all by herself.


Sophie decorating a pink Easter bonnet with colourful bunnies and eggs


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/04/2020 – A couple of unexpected hiccups

  1. Her bonnet is delightful … poor Thomas, I’ll bet that was a shock… still, your garden looks good. Such a pleasure to get out in ours. Happy Easter! #WotW

    1. Oh it was such a shock, bless him, but he is much better now thankfully. Happy Easter to you too.

  2. Poor Thomas, glad you managed to get him patched up. I love Sophie’s hat and her picture. How lovely to get a nice cooker that works well x

    1. Thanks Anne, Thomas is much better now. The new cooker is amazing – so nice to have one that works so well.

  3. Oh, poor little Thomas! I am glad he is fine now. Seeing him with that bandage on his head must tug at your heartstrings!

    Loved the photo of Sophie decorating her Easter bonnet. Hope you and your family have a good Easter. Stay safe!

    1. Thank you Laurie, he is much better now. Sophie had so much fun decorating her Easter bonnet. Hope you have a good Easter too and stay safe.

  4. Ahh! I feel the same this past week. Things do feel more settled.
    Poor Thomas. What a scare for you all. I am glad he’s OK.
    Hooray for the new oven. It looks very fancy.
    That teepee looks great. What a fun idea.
    Aww! Peas and nank-oo! How cute x

    1. Thank you – I really love hearing him say ‘peas’ and ‘nank-oo’ – it is so adorable 🙂

  5. I have cooker envy!! A new one might make me want to cook more, lol, might. Glad your son was okay. A trip to the hospital is the last thing anyone wants. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter and a week with fewer unexpected events.

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