Friday Focus 09/11/18 – Celebrating Thomas’s christening

The big event of this week has been celebrating Thomas’s christening with our family and friends. It was a beautiful, albeit bittersweet, day. Thomas wore his grandad’s christening gown and his daddy’s christening shawl. He was full of smiles and enjoyed getting lots of cuddles with everyone. Sophie was a very proud big sister. Jessica would have been incredibly proud too.


The word 'Christening' with a vicar holding a baby over a font for the second 'i'


This week has been a calmer week for me. Hubby is feeling better and my to-do list isn’t quite as crazy as it was last week. I’ll be back flying solo again next week though as hubby is away again though. At least this time I won’t be trying to organise two parties single-handedly!

Things that have made me smile this week


My BiBs award next to a candle and a photo of Jessica


  • A beautiful dream about Jessica. She was sitting on a hospital bed. I brushed her fringe out of her beautiful eyes and said, “I wish you were really here Jessica.” She smiled, looked confused and said, “But I am, Mummy.” She felt so very real in that moment and I can’t help but think she came to remind me that she is always here with me.


  • Thomas wearing the octopus costume that I made for Jessica when she was a baby at the Halloween Tiny Talk class.


Thomas wearing Jessica's octopus costume


  • Having my friend Gillian come to stay for a couple of days.


  • Getting a glowing report about Sophie on parents’ evening.


  • Thomas being very chatty.


A smiley Thomas sitting in his swing


  • Going for a walk and finding a geocache that I’d been meaning to find for a while.


  • Sophie’s excitement at watching fireworks from the bedroom window.


  • My friend sending me a photo of her godson drawing a picture of Jessica as the person he wants to be remembered at their school remembrance service. Little reminders like this that Jessica is still very much remembered by those who knew her mean so much.



12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 09/11/18 – Celebrating Thomas’s christening

  1. I’ve been thinking about your dream since I read it on twitter earlier in the week, I think I’d want to stay asleep so I could have more dream about her.

    I wish I had the right words to say, but I just want you to know I think about all the time.


    1. Thank you Gemma. I’d often love to stay in the dream longer but Thomas usually has other ideas!

  2. I love Thomas the Octopus! I’m glad the Christening went well and that hubby is feeling better. I really do hope your week is calmer now your to do list is shorter. Congrats again on your BiBs award xx
    Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

  3. Aw I saw your video of Thomas chatting it was adorable. That photo of Jessica is beautiful and congratulations again on your award. Ah well done Sophie you must be so proud. I am so glad the Christening was lovely they are lovely days aren’t they? Have a lovely week next week and I am so glad you are sounding a little better xx

  4. Aww! It sounds like Thomas’s Chistening was a really special day.
    Yay! The Brit Mums award is so well deserved. It looks like you have the perfect place for it.
    The octopus costume is just adorable. x

    1. Thank you Kim. It feels right to have it next to a photo of Jessica – she is still my biggest inspiration x

  5. What a beautiful beautiful dream – I truly believe that our loved ones can meet with us in our dreams – I have had several precious dreams about my mum over the years and also after I lost one of my best friends a few years ago. I sense that it is one of the ways God comforts us at these times. What gorgeous photos of Thomas. Popping by from #WOTW xxx

    1. Thank you Rebecca. Those dreams mean so much – I also believe that it’s the way Jessica is able to meet with me now and it always brings me such comfort whenever she does visit my dreams.

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