Friday Focus 08/01/21 – Lockdown

We’re back in lockdown again and back to home-schooling for Sophie. I was very thankful that we had an inset day on Monday – although I’d already made the decision that Sophie would not be going back to school on Tuesday before the PM made his announcement on Monday evening.


The word lockdown with padlocks drawn as the 'o's


Home-schooling has been quite different this time around so far. Sophie’s school were good with providing weekly work last time, but this time is much more structured. She has to register online via Zoom each day, and we have a list of tasks to complete each day which is then uploaded to Purple Mash so her teacher can keep track of what she has been learning. The first couple of days have been a bit overwhelming, trying to keep on top of Sophie’s schoolwork whilst also working from home and trying to keep Thomas entertained. Hopefully we will settle into the new routine soon.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:

Sophie reading a book; A box of 'The Worst Witch' books and a selection of 'The Famous Five' books; Sophie and Thomas popping bubbles in the garden; a box of apples, pears and bananas; Sophie taking decorations off the Christmas tree; Sophie with her Marsha Mello Kindi Kid doll; Sophie waving her nature wand - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 1"

  • Day 1 – I am grateful for this kind and caring little girl of mine who has been wonderful today. She’s given me cuddles, read me stories, entertained her brother and brought me things I needed when I’ve needed to lie down and wait for the giddiness to pass. The vertigo is gradually improving though and I’ve managed to do bedtime tonight so fingers crossed for feeling more normal again tomorrow.


  • Day 2 – I am grateful for some preloved books being passed on to Sophie.


  • Day 3 – I am grateful for feeling much better and being able to get outside in the garden again.


  • Day 4 – I am grateful for food deliveries.


  • Day 5 – I am grateful for help with taking the Christmas decorations down.


  • Day 6 – I am grateful for the postal service, especially when it brings belated Christmas presents!


  • Day 7 – I am grateful for leaves and sticks. Sophie made herself a nature wand during our break time this morning.


Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas being engrossed in putting together his PAW Patrol jigsaws. He can now manage a 24-piece jigsaw by himself.

Thomas putting together a PAW Patrol jigsaw

  • Baking cake with Sophie.


  • Sophie’s picture of the three kings for Epiphany.


A picture of the three kings


  • Thomas amazing us by telling us “4 plus 3 plus 2 equals 9!”


  • Sophie’s lovely new light-up narwhal slippers.


Sophie's new light-up narwhal slippers


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35 thoughts on “Friday Focus 08/01/21 – Lockdown

  1. It’s interesting to see how different schools are delivering their lessons. It’s good that Sophie’s school has found a good way to deliver the lessons. I hope you are coping. Vertigo is not fun. I love Sophie’s new slippers and how clever of Thomas to be picking up sums already. I’m glad you had help with the decorations. I usually do it on my own, but really appreciated that the rest of the family joined in, this time. Made all the difference. Sophie’s picture of the three Kings is gorgeous. Well done. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl, the vertigo has now gone thankfully. It did help having help with the decorations – glad you had your family help this year too. Hope you have a good weekend as well.

  2. Louise,

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better, and are up and about.
    Sophie’s school has clearly got things well organised. It’s almost as though the teachers had been expecting the school to be closed again. ;o)
    I’m astonished by the things Thomas can do (number-blocks, jigsaws, arithmetic). Are you sure he’s only two-and-a-half?

  3. I really do feel for those parents who did end up sending their kids back to school on Monday. What a worry.
    We have found the same with my youngest girls school. They were great during the last lockdown but this time around they are much more organised. I hope you find a new routine soon.
    I hope you are feeling better with the vertigo. It sounds like Sophie was a wonderful help.
    It sounds like a lovely week! Those slippers are fab! I want some. hehehe x

    1. Thanks Kim, the vertigo has all gone now, thankfully. I love Sophie’s slippers too – wouldn’t mind a pair myself!

  4. Love those slippers, do they do adult sizes? ;0) I must admit I found the pressure of homeschooling too much last time and I had Darren’s help. This time I’m on my own. My work is intense. I have told the school I will do my best and that is that. I can see us catching up at the weekends. I hope you are able to get into a good routine #WotW

    1. Good luck with juggling the home-schooling – it is harder having to do it on your own. All you can do is your best though, especially if you’re having to juggle work too.

  5. We had an inset day on Monday too so I didn’t have to send the Little Man back, but the teacher called and I told her I was in hospital so she said she’d understand if he didn’t take part in lessons. But he did it all by himself!
    Thomas is such a clever little boy, and so is Sophie and so caring. I love her slippers!

    1. I’m glad that Little Man was able to take part in lessons by himself. Hope you are doing okay. Sophie’s slippers are amazing, I wouldn’t mind a pair myself!

  6. Ours had an inset day Monday too. I have to say I love those slippers! they are fabulous 😀 Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Glad to hear that homeschooling is more structured this time. I also found it more organised, with Zoom sessions twice a day. My son uses Seesaw app, SPAG and something else for his lessons.
    Those slippers look smashing! Sophie’s picture is fabulous! And love her photo with her latest doll, she looks so happy with it. Well done to Thomas for doing maths, clever boy! Hope your vertigo gets better.

    1. It does help with it being more organised, doesn’t it? The vertigo has gone now, thankfully!

  8. I love those Narwhal slippers, super cute. It is Eliza’s birthday this month so will have to see if I can find some. We have been doing zoom and purple mash too, it’s been a learning curve trying to use them at the same time, but we are getting there now – have fixed their ipads so they can use them and see the teacher at the same time

    1. We got Sophie’s slippers from Bright Minds (she had a gift voucher for the site for her birthday). Glad you’ve managed to fix the iPads for home schooling. #project365

  9. Hi

    I am here for the first time via the linkies.

    Such adorable photos and that cute lighted up slippers …even i would love it!!

    Hoping to read more of your stories this year


  10. I take my hat off to all of you having to juggle life with more than one child at home. It’s hard enough getting anything done with one child these days. Love the artwork and Thomas looks like he’s a great little puzzler too. Best wishes for 2021 Louise #365

    1. Thank you Mary. It is hard to juggle it all – we’re gradually finding a routine that (mostly) works though.

  11. It does seem like a lot of the schools have changed the way they work this time and are a lot more structured. Have found that with both girls and am grateful for it.

    Lovely picture by Sophie!

  12. You’ve changed the lay out of your blog, I missed reading about Jessica in the intro. Hope you’re fully recovered now from the vertigo, great you managed to get outside and tell Sophie I love her slippers and ask her if they make them for big people please

    1. I decided to combine two of my regular posts as they were overlapping a lot but it’s nice to know that the intro about Jessica was missed – I did worry that it was too repetitive once I was joining the project365 linky each week. All recovered now from the vertigo, thank you.

  13. Oh I love Sophie’s slippers! Sounds like you are on the mend from the vertigo I hope everything is back to normal soon for you. Well done Thomas! Thats amazing and the picture Sophie created is very good. Wishing you and your lovely family a happy 2021.

    1. I’ve only read a few of the Famous Five ones. I loved the Worst Witch ones too as a child.

  14. Well done to your youngest with his jigsaws 🙂 Bless him! Lovely when they can start cracking on with them on their own. I love Sophie’s three kings picture. I think I also have slipper envy! What a fab pair they are. Glad you are starting to feel better, nothing worse than being under the weather and trying to juggle homeschooling x

    1. Thank you Karen. It is lovely watching him enjoying jigsaws. I’m very thankful that I wasn’t trying to home-school through vertigo!

  15. Oh wow! Those Narwhal slippers are AMAZING!!!! I want a pair!!
    Good to hear Sophie’s school have got themselves into a routine for this lockdown, it really does help! The online registrations are a bit odd, it’s all just odd but we have to keep going! Fab smiles from Sophie! Hope you are all well and having a lovely week! Sim x

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