Friday Focus 07/12/18 – Little angels

Sophie has been busy practising for her Nativity play this week and is playing the part of the angel Gabriel. We went to see the first performance yesterday and were so proud of her. She had three lines to say and spoke them all loudly and clearly. She looked adorable in her costume and the collective “aah” whenever she stepped forward with a line made me smile.


Angel - this week's word of the week


After seeing Sophie playing an angel, I went to visit my other angel. I brought her the Christmas wreath that I made at a workshop last week (my first evening out on my own since Thomas’s arrival) as well as my usual flowers. Jessica played the part of an angel in her Reception nativity too. She would have been very proud of her little sister. Sophie even did a little bow at one point in exactly the same way as Jessica always used to do.



Sophie as an angel in her school nativity


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Going for a ride on the train at Ickenham Miniature Railway.


Me, Thomas and Sophie at Ickenham Miniature Railway


  • Sophie singing with her classmates at the school Christmas Fayre.


  • Catching up with my friend Gillian who was spending the weekend at a quilting retreat near us.


  • A fun day out at Chessington World of Adventures for their ‘A Winter’s Tail’ festive event.


Sophie next to a festive-themed model of a lioness


  • Making paper chains with Sophie to decorate the dining room.


  • Having space again in the front room after a big clear-out.


  • Thomas laughing at me.


  • Watching Thomas trying to roll and reach the toys on his mat.



14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 07/12/18 – Little angels

  1. Aww! Sophie looks so adorable. It sounds like she did a great job at playing the angel Gabriel.
    It sounds like you have had a really festive week with lots of fun. x

  2. Now that is an adorable photo. Wonderful to see her dressed up and taking part on stage. I’m missing the primary school festivities just a little. They really do have fun – singing and performing. You have had a full on week. Even Thomas adding to his firsts. I saw your wreath on Instagram. You made it beautiful. Hope you have a lovely next week. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. It was so lovely to watch Sophie in her nativity. She’s enjoying all the Christmas activities at school.

  3. Oh you’ve had such a lovely festive week! I’m so glad to hear Sophie did such a good job in her nativity. I always struggled with those as I was so painfully shy at her age, she’s very brave 🙂 #WotW

  4. Aw Sophie looks so cute and well done Sophie its so daunting when you are that age, but so exciting too. And so lovely that it reminded you of Jessicas performance too. Its such an exciting time when they start to roll and try to sit up. I have been having a clear out too it makes you feel so much better doesn’t it?

    1. Sophie loved being on stage – she’s in her element when performing! It did bring back such lovely memories.

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