Friday Focus 06/10/17 – A visit from Nanny

The girls have enjoyed spending time with Nanny this week. My mum stayed with us for a few days earlier this week. She’d arranged to come and stay so that I could go to #BML17 as we’d thought hubby would be away when I first booked my ticket. As it turned out, hubby wasn’t away so the girls got to enjoy a day with both Nanny and Daddy. In the meantime, I got to enjoy a day out catching up with other bloggers.


"Nanny" - this week's word of the week, with a little sketch of my mum with my girls


Hubby and I also advantage of my mum staying and grabbed the opportunity for a rare date night. We went out for a meal at a local Italian restaurant. The service wasn’t very good – our waitress went home partway through the evening and I assume that no-one had handed over our table as we waited over an hour between finishing our mains and getting dessert! We did get our starters knocked off the bill because of it though. Despite the poor service, we did have a lovely evening and it was nice just to spend time together.


Jessica and Sophie have had a wonderful time. They’ve enjoyed having Nanny play games with them, walk them to school and sing songs to them at bedtime. I’ve enjoyed seeing how much they’ve loved spending time with Nanny and having a little more time to get jobs done around the house.


Jessica and Sophie sitting on the sofa with my mum



Things I have loved this week:

  • The way Jessica introduced her Nanny to all her friends in Girls’ Brigade.


  • Spending time in the #SketchbookClub area at #BML17 and painting with watercolour for the first time in about twenty years!


A watercolour painting of a bird


  • Sophie getting to take home the Baby Ballet class cup for the week for doing so well in her ballet class.


Sophie with the Baby Ballet class cup


  • Getting my favourite picture of my girls printed onto a canvas and put on the wall above my desk.


  • Having a clear out of my craft cupboards and getting all my craft supplies organised properly again.


  • Making an autumn wreath and firework pictures with Sophie.


Sophie making an autumn wreath


  • Another small weight gain for Jessica at her check-up with the community nurse.


  • Making the most of a beautiful autumn afternoon and going for a walk in the woods at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


Sophie standing next to a huge oak tree in the woods at Chiltern Open Air Museum


The Reading Residence

17 thoughts on “Friday Focus 06/10/17 – A visit from Nanny

  1. How lovely for the girls to have their nanny visit, it’s great that you and hubby got to go out for a meal too. I love that wreath idea, we are going on a forest hunt for leaves and conkers this weekend so I might try that idea with Daisy she would love it. Great news about Jessica’s weight gain. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I love that photo of the girls with their nanny, and well done Sophie on getting to take home the trophy for ballet. I’m sorry your date night didn’t go exactly to plan but glad you managed a night out. x

    1. Thanks Anne. We enjoyed our date night even if it wasn’t quite as good as it could have been! 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’ve all really enjoyed having Nanny there, grandparents are so special. Glad the girls loved it and that you managed to get out, poor service aside. Well done to Sophie, what a lovely trophy! x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. I hope your Mum had a good time too. What a lovely week. Love the watercolour bird and the leafy wreath. Well done on the cup, Sophie, and phew on Jessica’s checkup. Have to read your BML17 post. #wotw

  5. It sounds like a lovely week. And date night? What a bonus! It is wonderful to see the bond between children and their grandparents #wotw

  6. Aww! What a treat for you all to have your mum staying with you.
    Lovely photos! I love that photo of Sophie & the Baby Ballet class cup. How adorable x

  7. It’s fantastic when loved ones step in to help us out. My girls also got to see their Grandmother while I attended the Tots 100 event recently. #WotW

    1. Oh how lovely for them – hope they enjoyed spending time with their grandmother too and that you enjoyed going to the Tots100 event 🙂

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