The Friday Focus – 06/05/16

I have to say I’ve been floating on cloud nine this week having discovered that this blog of mine has been shortlisted for a BiBs award!  To be one of ten blogs shortlisted in the Family category is amazing and I’m so thrilled to be there amongst them.  I’ve had a mention in the local paper and no doubt have been driving my friends and family mad on Facebook with all my posts about it.  Needless to say though, I’d love to make it to the final – so if you would like to help me do so, you can vote for my blog here.

 This week's word of the week is "shortlisted" - my blog has been shortlisted for the BiBs awards in the family category!
Things I have loved this week:

  • Seeing how excited Jessica was at going to Girls Brigade for the second time and getting her uniform.

A very excited Jessica in her Girls' Brigade uniform

  • Going to the airport to meet hubby and the way Jessica and Sophie shouted out “Daddy! Daddy!” and ran to give him big hugs as soon as they saw him come through arrivals.
  • An afternoon digging up various unwanted plants in the garden and talking through plans for what we want there instead.
  • A family afternoon together at Langley Park.

A family moment in amongst the trees at Langley Park

  • Making some insects with the girls and then watching them have fun playing with them in the garden so they could make friends with the real ones!
  • Having lots of sunshine and getting washing on the line.
  • An afternoon doing some painting with the girls in the back garden.

Painting in the back garden with the girls

  • Visiting Grandma and enjoying the sunshine in her garden (maybe my word of the week should have been garden – given how much time we’ve spent in one!)

Sophie sitting with Saffron (the cat)

  • Jessica’s sats being 85 when the community nurse visited this week – that’s the best they’ve been for a while! This week also saw the five-year anniversary of the day we first found out about Jessica’s heart condition and it’s so good to see her doing so well.


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28 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 06/05/16

  1. Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Bibs, that’s fantastic, well done! Isn’t it nice to be out in the garden with the sun shining finally. Sounds like a nice week. x #WoTW

    1. Thank you Karen – it is lovely to be able to be out and about in the sunshine, long may it last! 🙂

  2. So pleased you were shortlisted! Brilliant achievement. Also a lovely sunny week. Bet the girls have loved the sunshine and being outside so much. Hubby had hung washing out as he works from home and said it feels great! How sad are we ? Hehe x #wotw

    1. Thank you Sarah – it is so satisfying seeing the washing hanging outside, so funny that it’s something that makes a lot of us happy! 🙂

  3. What a lovely week you’ve had 🙂 Congratulations on being shortlisted, I wish you the very best of luck x

  4. Congratulations!! I am so pleased for you! You have my vote! Good luck!
    It looks like Jessica is enjoying Girls Brigade and hooray for her sats being so good! 😀

    1. Thank you Kim! So lovely to see Jessica enjoying GB and I was so pleased that her sats were so good this week 🙂

  5. Look how happy Jessica is! Well done for making the bibs shortlist. It’s so lovely being out in the garden. Thank you for letting me know where you got your trays from, I’ve ordered some X #happydays

    1. Thanks Laura – hope you have lots of fun with them, there’s so much you can do with them 🙂

  6. Oh I am so pleased for you lovely and you deserve to be excited. I bet daddy loved the girls shouting him at the airport too. Which film did you watch, we love a good film night too. Zootopia was super! ⭐️

    1. Thank you Catie – hubby loved the girls’ reaction. We watched the Wizard of Oz – haven’t yet seen Zootopia but heard lots of good things about it, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  7. Congratulations on the shortlist so well deserved, and what mazing wearer we are having, it just makes everybody so much happier, and hoorah for Jessica’s stats I bet you were so thrilled and relieved, have a great week and the best of luck x xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah – it’s always a relief when Jessica’s sats are reassuring but it’s been a while since they were this good so I was very happy with that! 🙂

  8. Lovely news to hear that your daughter has great sats results. Looks like you are cherishing every moment. Hope you do well in the BiBs. #HappyDaysLinky and #WotW

    1. Thank you Helena – always such a relief to see good sats and we’ve certainly enjoyed making memories this week 🙂

    1. Thank you Ab. It is lovely to see their reaction to their dads coming home again isn’t it? 🙂

  9. You’ve reminded me I really need to give the tuff spot a scrub and start using it again!! Yay for being shortlisted – so very well deserved! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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