Friday Focus 06/05/22 – Tired

I’m feeling a bit tired this week. It’s been a bit up and down overall. My husband was away in Amsterdam for a few days on a work trip so I’ve been flying solo for the first time in a while, plus it’s also been a week of having too many balls to juggle and not enough sleep which has made for a very grumpy mummy. There have been fun moments too though while have hopefully helped balance out the grumpy ones!


The word 'tired'



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas playing in a plastic pool filled with pasta and rice; Sophie and Thomas on a car ride at the fair; Sophie and Thomas dancing together at a party; a video call with my husband; Sophie's picture of Numberblocks 1-10 and 100; Sophie and Thomas snuggled up together asleep in my bed; me wearing a purple daisy-print dress - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 18"


  • Day 119 – I am grateful for sensory play.


  • Day 120 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas had fun at the fair.


  • Day 121 – I am grateful that Thomas was quite happy to dance with Sophie even if he wasn’t entirely cooperative with the steps.


  • Day 122 – I am grateful for video calls with my husband while he’s away in Amsterdam.


  • Day 123 – I am grateful for all the little loving things that Sophie does. Today she came out of school with a Numberblocks picture that she drew for Thomas because he loves them so much.


  • Day 124 – I am grateful for this beautiful view on waking up this morning (especially as my husband being away meant that I didn’t end up trying to sleep half-falling out of bed as a result of these two ending up in it).


  • Day 125 – I am grateful for summer dress weather!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie getting a ‘Brainiac’ certificate at school.


  • Spending a sunny afternoon having a barbecue with friends we haven’t seen for a while.


  • Watching Sophie take part in another dance festival. It was a tough festival and she was the only one from her dance school competing. She came fourth this time and was a little disappointed, which was understandable after having a run of winning medals. She made me proud as always though – not just for dancing well but also for keeping a big smile on her face throughout the adjudication in spite of her disappointment at not being in a medal position this time.

A smiling Sophie wearing her ballet cardigan


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 06/05/22 – Tired

  1. It’s so tough looking after everything by yourself, I hope you manage to regain some energy soon. I love your photos, Sophie is going to be a real good dancer, she’s already a little star.

    1. Thank you – the weekend was a bit better for catching up on sleep so that has helped!

  2. This time of the year also helps us feel tired as the sunrise is so early too! Hope you manage to get through the days without much fuss though. Have a lovely weekend too.

    1. Thank you, I find the longer days tend to have the opposite effect on me – I usually feel more tired in the winter with the dark evenings!

  3. Oh no! I hope you can catch up on some sleep. Feeling tired is rubbish. It looks like you have had a lot of happy moments though. Your two look so cute in your bed, how adorable and I love your dress!! x

    1. Thanks Kim. There have been nice moments and I did manage to catch up on some sleep at the weekend which helped.

  4. It is hard going by yourself, nice to have modern technology to help though. Back in the 60’s when my dad worked away from home we did not hear /see him for months at a time.
    Cute to see them snuggling in your bed.

    1. Oh that must have been hard with your dad working away so long. Modern technology is such a wonderful thing with situations like that.

  5. Flying solo is hard, you plan the activities around 2 adults, but then end up juggling everything when your partner works away, something I’m very familiar with. Well done to Sophie in the dance festival

    1. It is hard flying solo and I’ve definitely got less used to it with Covid which makes it feel a little more challenging. I’m sure I’ll adjust again to the changes in routine that come with it though.

  6. Hopefully you’re back on an even keel soon once your husband’s back. Well done Sophie on the 4th, that’s still really good. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the nicer weather isn’t it. It’s been gorgeous this weekend

    1. Thank you, he’s back now but it’s going to start becoming a much more regular thing again now.

  7. My husband has a short stay away next month and I’m not looking forward to it! Well done to Sophie on 4th place and I love your summer dress! #project365

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