Friday Focus 05/05/2023 – Time

It’s been good to have time to enjoy things this week. Sophie went on a Girls’ Brigade sleepover for the first time last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was quite strange not having her around but it was nice too to have some one-to-one time with Thomas.


The word 'time' with the 'i' drawn as a wristwatch


Sophie also got some one-to-one time with me after the bank holiday weekend as she was off school again with the strike while Thomas was in school. We had a fun morning at Langley Park taking photos of toys for her home learning.


Things continue to feel more organised for me at the moment and it’s been good to have time to focus on the jobs that need doing around the house. I’m gradually chipping away at things that need to be done.


We’ve also had another reminder this week of the passing of time with it being 12 years since the day we found out about Jessica’s special heart. I’ll never forget the rollercoaster of emotion of that day and how scary and uncertain the future suddenly became. We had no idea whether we’d even have a day with Jessica and I’ll always be so very thankful for the six and a half beautiful years we did get to have with her. I’ll always wish that we could have had more time with our beautiful brave girl, but what we did have gave us so much joy and I’m grateful for the beautiful memories that Jessica left behind.


A smiley Jessica



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas holding up his 'Wow of the Week certificate'; Thomas at the playground at Chiltern Open Air Museum; Sophie holding a photo of Jessica, just before going off for her Girls' Brigade sleepover; Sophie and Thomas watching marbles go through the UGears marble run; a forced perspective photo of me being eaten by a toy dinosaur; Thomas wiping the aqua doodle mat with a wet wipe; my nice clean oven - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 18"



  • Day 118 – I am grateful that Thomas got a Wow of the Week for “writing amazing sentences in literacy.” Well done Thomas!


  • Day 119 – I am grateful for enjoying a sunny afternoon out with Thomas while Sophie is at her Girls’ Brigade sleepover weekend.


  • Day 120 – I am grateful that Sophie had a wonderful time at the BB/GB Junior sleepover weekend. Meant a lot that Jessica was included too as she would have also been in Juniors with Sophie. Thank you so much to all the leaders.


  • Day 121 – I am grateful that my husband had the patience to build this fabulous UGears marble run with Sophie.


  • Day 122 – I am grateful for having fun helping Sophie take photos for one of her home learning tasks.


  • Day 123 – I am grateful that Thomas has had so much fun making the colours appear on the aqua doodle mat.


  • Day 124 – I am grateful for oven cleaning services.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas taking his toys to the park and asking Sheepie what the house numbers were as we were walking there and when ‘Sheepie’ replied in a high-pitched voice, Thomas would say “well done, Sheepie” or “no, it’s a bit lower than that, Sheepie” or “no, that’s not quite right, Sheepie” if ‘Sheepie’ got it wrong. So cute.


Thomas playing with his toy sheep and lion at the park


  • Making lots of sheep for an all-age service to help illustrate the theme.


A model of Jesus in front of a toy pen with lots of model sheep


  • Watching Sophie trying on lots of different dance costumes for a photoshoot at a dance costume warehouse.


  • The way Thomas stretched himself out in my bed after I got up!


Thomas lying horizontally across my bed


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11 thoughts on “Friday Focus 05/05/2023 – Time

  1. How nice to have some one on one time with both of your kids. I am glad things are feeling more organised.
    Sending love and hugs. There are so many milestones when it comes to heart children. I often see them pop up on my Facebook memories. x

    1. There are certainly a lot of milestones. Some of them are easier than others. It was lovely to have that one-to-one time with both Sophie and Thomas.

  2. It’s always good to have one to one time with your children. Thomas is so cute, I love the way he talks to Sheepie. And I have to say, what a sparkling oven, I want mine cleaned now.

    1. Thomas does make me smile when he chats away to his Sheepie. He’s not the most talkative little boy but he does come out with some adorable things sometimes.

  3. Well done to Thomas for the wow of the week and glad Sophie had a good time at the sleepover.

    OOh that oven is sparkling! I need to clean mine!

  4. lovely that you got to have one to one time with both Sophie and Thomas whilst also reflecting on Jessica. This week seems a lot brighter than the last few so I hope you are feeling as positive as you sound. #project365

  5. Lovely to have one to one time with the kids enjoying their different activities. Thomas looks so big laying across the bed. All those anniversaries to mark for Jessica must be so hard for you all, sending love.

  6. I think Thomas is a smart boy and I like the way he asked Sheepie about his house no. Hahahha
    Its fun to play with kids and the smart moves of kids always make you laugh.

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