Friday Focus 04/09/20 – Back to school

We’re back to school and back to reality this week. Thankfully Sophie has settled back in quite well. She did get very upset the night before school started though. She’s missing Jessica a lot at the moment and it’s hit her that she’s started year 2 and Jessica never got to do that, and that she really has overtaken her big sister now. We had a few tears from her going into school that first morning, and quite a few more from me after I got home.


The word 'school' drawn as chalk writing on a blackboard


I’m struggling with being back at school to be honest. There’s a new headteacher; we have to drop off and collect outside the school gate and all the necessary precautions make everything feel so much more detached. I’m anxious about the increased risk of Covid-19 transmission with Sophie now being part of such a large “bubble” and struggling with the fact that my ability to keep my family safe is now greatly reduced. And yet I know that being back at school is the right thing for Sophie. She is so happy to be with her friends again.


This time of year is hard anyway with new milestones that Jessica isn’t part of – milestones that she never reached – and her ninth birthday coming up on Sunday. Nine feels so much older and so much further removed from the six-year-old Jessica we knew. The next few days are going to be tough ones. We just have to ride the storm as best we can and hold on to our beautiful memories of our beautiful big girl.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Trying on my bridesmaid dress that has now been adapted by my mum and sister so I will be able to breastfeed Thomas in it.


  • Thomas being fitted for his pageboy suit.


  • Going on a nature hunt at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


Sophie at Chiltern Open Air Museum


  • Doing shadow drawings with Sophie.


Sophie drawing around my shadow on her easel


  • Finishing off the summer holidays with a day out at Cliveden.


  • Sophie throwing autumn leaves into the air and over Thomas, making him giggle.


Sophie throwing autumn leaves in the air with Thomas watching


  • Having more space in the garden now that hubby has taken the event shelter again (although I do miss having a nice dry area to sit outside in when it rains!)


  • The way Thomas kept stopping on our walk to the park to point out the numbers on houses and car number plates.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 04/09/20 – Back to school

  1. You can ride the storm, it will always catch you and toss things around for while but you can do it. Jessica will always be by your side because she’s thought about, talked about and still loved very much. It’s so hard sending our children back to school in these times. It’s like we are taking part in a big experiment with their health and safety. We have to try and live alongside this virus though, so it’s the only way forward. Falling leaves already…now, I don’t think I’m quite ready for Autumn. Such lovely photos though xx

    1. Thank you Anne. It does feel like going back to school is a big health and safety experiment as far as our children are concerned but you’re right, we do have to try and live alongside the virus too. Hopefully we can all manage to stay safe x

  2. It’s been good up to now being in relative control of the contact our family has. Now the two younger ones are back at school, we will have regular contact with something in the region of 300+ people thanks to them being in different year group bubbles. I try not to think about it too much and make sure my two are careful. I’m sure Jessica would be a wonderful 9 year old and very proud of her little sister. Bless Sophie for missing her so. I’ve noticed the leaves changing, but they’ve not reached the throw-in-the-air stage near us. It’s creeping up on us. I hope you can enjoy the garden this weekend. #wotw

    1. Thank you. It’s hard to have to let go of that control but I know the school will be doing their best and hopefully we can all stay safe. Most of the leaves around us are still green but this one tree had shed quite a few leaves and the children couldn’t resist.

  3. I am glad Sophie has settled back into school. It sounds like you had an awful evening the night before school started. Sending hugs.
    I have a feeling I will be struggling with my girls being back at school and college next week. It is such a worry. x

    1. Thanks Kim, that transition is always hard. We have settled back into routine now. Hope you are all settling back in routines again too x

  4. Bless Sophie, it must be so hard for all of you and not helped by the Covid restrictions making things less personal at the school. I’m back at work at an infants school and the kids have been surprisingly sensible (so far..) We do have to live alongside it but it is difficult. I love the photo of them in the leaves! Autumn is coming on fast – where did the year go?!

    1. We often find the transition back to school hard but it is made harder with the Covid restrictions and having had such a long time together. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

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