Friday Focus 04/06/21 – Outdoors

We’ve been making the most of the weather this week and spending lots of time outdoors. It’s so nice to finally have some warm weather and sunshine – especially with it being half-term. We’re joining in with #30DaysWild again this year which always helps encourage us outside a little more in June. This year Sophie is getting a little more involved with helping plan some of our wild activities for the month. I’m also enjoying being able to plan days out again and go further afield for some of our outdoor adventures. It’s been a lovely half-term so far and I’ve so enjoyed having Sophie home.


The word 'outdoors' with a flower in the first 'o', a sun as the second 'o' and the third 'o' as a tree



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas looking at the fish at the garden centre; Thomas by the play house in the garden; ornamental robins and painted pebbles around the Pretty Jessica rose in 'Jessica's garden'; Thomas dressed as a bee looking into a giant flower; Sophie and Thomas having a picnic in the garden; Thomas wearing his new blue romper suit with a rainbow-beaked toucan on it; Sophie climbing through a net at Go Ape - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 22"


  • Day 148 – I am grateful for breakfast with a friend and the simple joy of seeing the fish at the garden centre.


  • Day 149 – I am grateful for warm weather and sunshine.


  • Day 150 – I am grateful that the weeds around the roses have been cleared and I can see the things in Jessica’s little memorial area around the Pretty Jessica roses again.


  • Day 151 – I am grateful for a fun morning at Iver Environment Centre learning about bees and pollination. Doesn’t Thomas make a cute little bee?


  • Day 152 – I am grateful for a breakfast picnic to start #30DaysWild.


  • Day 153 – I am grateful that the summer rompers I loved seeing Thomas in last summer were still available this year so I could get them in a bigger size for this summer.


  • Day 154 – I am grateful to Halo Children’s Foundation for organising a fab trip to Go Ape. Was so lovely seeing Sophie becoming more confident making her way around the course.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Watching Sophie and Thomas riding around the meeting area at church on my friend’s mobility scooter.


Thomas and Sophie riding my friend's mobility scooter


  • Being able to get washing out on the line again.


  • A day out at Greys Court.


Sophie and Thomas sitting on a bench under a wisteria-surrounded window at Greys Court


  • Seeing the roses starting to bloom in the garden.


  • Doing a dance workout with Sophie in the garden.


Me and Sophie doing a workout in the garden


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26 thoughts on “Friday Focus 04/06/21 – Outdoors

  1. It really makes a difference having some sunny weather doesn’t it. Enjoy doing 30 days wild, it sounds loads of fun. The photo of Sophie and Thomas on your friend’s scooter reminds me of when my girls had a ride on my mom’s mobility scooter.

  2. The sunshine really came at the right time with it being half term. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week.
    Thomas is just the cutest bee and Sophie is so brave climbing. x

    1. It was so nice to have the sunshine for half-term. I was very impressed with Sophie climbing – she was quite fearless.

  3. You guys sound like you are having so much fun! I love the idea of spending so much time outdoors. Creating fun family memories is so crucial for everyone. Love reading about all the little things you’re grateful for too.

  4. I love the 30 Days Wild. I’m hoping to join the Teens in for a few days at least. You really sound like you’ve had fun. Wish I could join in your dance routine. The photo of Sophie and Thomas on the scooter made me smile. Very good of your friend to let them. Also love the bee costume and bee activities. What a great way to learn about the role of bees. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

    1. The bee activities were great – it was such a good way of learning more about bees and pollination.

  5. A month of wild outdoor activities with your children sounds wonderful. I love to try to get my grandchildren outside whenever possible. I loved seeing the photo of you and Sophie doing the dance workout outdoors. It looks like you are both having fun and getting a good workout together. What a good example to set for your daughter!

    1. Thanks Laurie. It is such a great way of encouraging us outdoors a little more and we’re always happier for good amounts of time outside.

    1. It was looking lovely although we were a little late in the year to see the wisteria at its best.

  6. Love the bee costume: I was dressed as a ladybird this week! Go Ape is a great experience for kids but I found it quite tough, (think there is an optinmum height!) #project365

    1. Love that you were dressed as a ladybird. I’ve not tried Go Ape but I can imagine that being tall might make it more tricky.

    1. It has been lovely. I follow a lot of accounts that join in #30DaysWild on social media so that helps remind me about it in the run up to it.

  7. So nice to be able to get outside this half term, sounds like you have been making the most of it. I know what you mean about being able to plan days out again. Makes such a difference. Now, all we need to do is wait for the kids to break up from school. Yay for rompers they are my absolute favourite and I miss that the boys are too old for them now.

  8. It is lovely to get out and about a bit more now. Adventures further afield are a nice change too. I love Thomas as a bee, it sounds like such a fun lesson. Sounds like the scooter was lots of fun. I used to love those summer rompers on the kids #WotW

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