Friday Focus 04/02/22 – Juggling

It’s been a busy week, juggling a few too many balls, although so far most of them seem to have stayed in the air! We have been mostly back to normality though this week which is nice, as everyone is feeling better again.


The word juggling with four balls drawn above the word


Last weekend was all about making back-up plans – with my husband out of action, I needed someone to cover him on the AV desk at church, plus I needed people to be in place to cover me for playing the piano, and a couple other things in the service just in case I ended up catching the bug that the rest of the family had. We also had another key person to arrange just-in-case-back-up for due to other health issues. Thankfully on the day, everyone apart from my husband was able to be there so we didn’t have to implement too much of Plan B!


This week I’ve been doing online training for a couple of courses I’m doing at church, had several church meetings to attend, plus the usual hecticness of Sophie and Thomas’s weekly activities and my show rehearsals. I’m looking forward to the weekend and hopefully having some time to relax!




What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas kissing the wooden carving of Jessica at her forever bed; Thomas at the top of the slide in the garden; a child's wheelbarrow filled with weeds; Thomas bouncing on the trampoline at the park; Thomas drawing on an easel in the garden; Sophie looking the rainbow light coming from her nightlight; Sophie heading off to school with her scooter - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 5"


  • Day 28 – I am grateful for little green shoots appearing at Jessica’s forever bed from the spring bulbs planted there last year.


  • Day 29 – I am grateful for time outside with Thomas which was clearly much-needed for him today given what a full-on bundle of mischief he has been when we’ve been inside. Hoping that tomorrow will be a little calmer though!


  • Day 30 – I am grateful for a productive afternoon in the garden.


  • Day 31 – I am grateful that everyone seems to have recovered from last week’s bugs and we’re back to normal routines again today.


  • Day 32 – I am grateful for time out in the garden watching Thomas doing some mark-making.


  • Day 33 – I am grateful for rainbows.


  • Day 34 – I am grateful that we managed to make it to school on time having realised this morning that Sophie hadn’t read her ‘book group’ book (which is an extra book on top of her normal reading book). It got forgotten when she was unwell last week and she had to read three chapters and draw pictures to sum up each of them. Thank goodness she’s a fairly quick reader these days!




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas spelling out ‘I Love You’ with the spades, forks and buckets in the dirt pit at forest school. You can’t quite see the ‘U’ he made from sticks in the picture as it’s behind the bucket forming the ‘O’


Thomas with spades, forks and buckets making out the words 'I LOVE YOU'


  • Watching a deer while visiting Jessica at her forever bed. It came surprisingly close to us and after we’d moved away, came to investigate Jessica’s flowers. The flowers were safe from being eaten this time as they were daffodils which the deer don’t like eating.


Thomas sitting on a bench near Jessica's forever bed with a deer standing nearby


  • Sophie making a paper-plate lion ‘called Jessica’ at Girls’ Brigade. I love how she added glasses to make her lion look more like her sister and the little things like this that tell me how much she still thinks of Jessica.


A paper-plate lion with red glasses


  • Treating myself to some new tights in the Snag clearance sale.


My new Care Bear patterned tights


  • Getting a message from the show director to say that she liked my two audition songs so much, she would like me to do both of them as solos in the show!


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26 thoughts on “Friday Focus 04/02/22 – Juggling

  1. With children most women are juggling most weeks. I am glad you didn’t have to resort to Plan B, but at least you had one. Loving the tights.

  2. Well done with your juggling.
    I hope your husband is feeling better now and that you have a nice relaxed weekend.
    What lovely photos. The deer really was brave getting so close and those tights are amazing. I want. hehehe x

  3. Love the tights! I also love Thomas’ I love you and Sophie’s badge. Bravo for keeping it all together I think you deserve a quiet weekend!

  4. I’m glad things went ok at church and I hope Michael is feeling better now. You have so many lovely things to be grateful for this week x

  5. Well done with the auditions and glad your week was able to go relatively smoothly. I always find that having aback up plan tends to mean it’s not needed. Love the deer visiting Jessica, well done Thomas with the spelling, looks great and I love Sophies lion wearing Jessicas glasses

    1. Thank you – yes, that’s very true with the back-up plan. I’m sure I’d have been hit with the bug too had I not made contingency plans.

  6. Well done getting the 2 solos. Glad that your back up plan wasn’t needed. Always so many off ill at the moment, you just can’t guarantee people being available. Love Thomas’ love message. So cute.

    1. Thanks Emma. I loved his little message too – it’s funny how he always tries to make letters and words from things around him.

    1. I loved seeing the message Thomas made. He makes me chuckle with the way he’ll make letters out of things!

  7. Sounds like a very busy week! No wonder you were juggling congrats for getting through it, I really don’t like weeks like that anymore. And well done on the solos that’s amazing. Love the tights and Sophie’s lion. I didn’t realise that deer do not like daffodils. That will explain why they grow up our road when so much other stuff gets eaten!

    1. I’ve learned over the last few years which flowers tend to be popular with the deer by the ones that are still in the vase the next time I visit Jessica. I don’t mind them being eaten but it is nice sometimes to have them last a bit longer!

  8. Care Bear tights wow! Not the first time a deer has visited you and Jessica if I recall. Love the message in objects that Thomas created #project365

    1. Sophie loves the Care Bear tights. I’ve seen deer a few times now at Jessica’s forever bed and it is lovely when they come close.

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