Friday Focus 03/06/2022 – Fun

We’ve had lots of fun during this week’s half-term break. Sophie and Thomas loved having Nanny come to stay and help look after them while I was performing in the show. They got to have extra time with Nanny after she headed home too, as we then spent a couple of days down in Hampshire seeing family and celebrating my niece’s wedding.


The word 'fun' in red, yellow and blue


The show went really well last weekend and it was so much fun to be back on stage performing again. I forgot how much I loved that show week buzz. It was such a lovely, friendly group to perform with as well – everyone is really supportive and encouraging with each other and I loved every minute of being on stage. My husband was doing sound for the show and did some video recordings of some of the numbers. I’ve put my solos up on my YouTube channel. This was my favourite of my two solos:



We’re also enjoying taking part in #30DaysWild again now that June is here. It will help give some extra encouragement for getting outside. Having met my target of 100 hours outside in May, I’m aiming for 120 hours outside in June, which will take me to the halfway point for my #1000hoursoutside challenge.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and Thomas carrying a large stick in the woods at Black Park. me wearing an Edwardian-style wig with feathers and a black dress; Sophie on stage wearing a large tailcoat; Sophie and Thomas with Nanny at Jessica's forever bed; me and my twin sister with my niece and her new husband; Sophie and Thomas outside the Bronze roundhouse at Butser Ancient Farm; a set of disciples made from paper cups, polystyrene balls and felt - #365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 22"


  • Day 147 – I am grateful that Sophie was able to join in with Thomas’s forest school session thanks to having an inset day.


  • Day 148 – I am grateful to be back performing on stage again. Doing the two music hall shows today was so much fun and the audience loved it too.


  • Day 149 – I am grateful for a wonderful weekend performing with such a lovely talented group of performers. Sophie loved coming to the show with my mum today and even got to have a go at being the chairman before the show.


  • Day 150 – I am grateful for having my mum come and stay over the weekend. Always lovely to spend time with her and her help looking after Sophie and Thomas was very much appreciated too!


  • Day 151 – I am grateful for being able to celebrate with my niece and new nephew-in-law at their wedding reception. Congratulations Lauren and Dan!


  • Day 152 – I am grateful for a lovely morning at Butser Ancient Farm.


  • Day 153 – I am grateful that I now have a set of disciples ready for the church window display this weekend.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Watching Thomas and his cousin (who is also 3) dancing together at my niece’s wedding.


  • Feeding the sheep and goats at Butser Ancient Farm. Sophie was very unimpressed though when one of the goats managed to snatch the bag of food and gobbled it up, paper bag and all!


Sophie and Thomas feeding sheep at Butser Ancient Farm


  • Having a walk along the beach at Hayling Island. Sophie and Thomas enjoyed paddling in the sea, which was great fun until Thomas fell on his bottom! Thank goodness we had a change of clothes handy!


Sophie and Thomas paddling in the sea at Hayling Island


  • Reading the glowing NODA review for the show.


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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 03/06/2022 – Fun

  1. How lovely that your mum came to stay. It does sound like you had a fab, fun filled week.
    I am so glad the show went well. You sound fantastic and really look the part.
    Fab photos! x

    1. Thanks Kim. It was so much fun to be on stage again and lovely to have my mum come and stay too.

  2. Its always lovely when the children get to spend time with Nanny. I’m glad you enjoyed the show, I love your performance, even the rogue top hat 🙂 I can’t wait to get to the seaside now.

    1. Thank you – typical that it was videoed on that performance, but also reassuring to watch it back and realise that I did manage to stay in character in spite of the rogue top hat.

  3. The show sounds great. Well done. Sounds like it’s been a good week, and nice that you’ve had lots of family time with your mum and your niece’s wedding

    1. Always lovely to have my mum come and stay – the children love spending time with her.

  4. Fabulous performance from Clarissa, wow Louise you have a great voice and talent. Hope you had a great time with your mum when she came to stay and enjoyed the wedding.

    1. Thank you so much, I loved being able to perform again and it was lovely to spend time with my mum too.

  5. Such a positive post. It must be amazing to be able to perform again, especially after all the issues with covid. It changed all our lives so much and it seems we can appreciate more the things that we were taking for granted before.

  6. Sounds like you had the most wonderful week, I am glad your performances went well and that you spent some time with your mum and the family

  7. Looks like you enjoyed being back in the spotlight. Always so happy when there is a wedding in the family. I really want to go to Butser as my daughter went there on a school trip a couple of months ago. #project365

    1. It was so lovely to be back on stage again. I grew up a few miles away from Butser and had never been there before so it was nice to have a day out there.

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