Friday Focus 02/12/2022 – Advent

It’s the start of Advent and the countdown to Christmas. I’m not quite as organised as I would have liked to have been at this point but I’ve bought most of the Christmas presents now which is good. I’m hoping to keep the Christmas overwhelm at bay this year and right now it’s feeling manageable. The festive season can be a difficult time – I love Sophie and Thomas’s excitement and joy but of course there is always that undercurrent of sadness that Jessica isn’t here to be part of it all too. We’re doing our best to embrace the joy while also making space for grief when needed too.


The word Advent drawn with the 'd' and 't' as Advent candles


It’s a busy time of year with all the various activities to keep track of. Last weekend we had the school Christmas fayre, an Advent activity afternoon with Girls’ Brigade and the Christmas light switch-on all happening on the same day and there are nativity plays, carol concerts, visits to Santa and panto trips to look forward to in the run-up to Christmas. Life is certainly feeling quite full right now, but in a good way.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Orange, yellow, pink and red gerberas in the wooden vase at Jessica's forever bed; Sophie and Thomas visiting Father Christmas; Sophie with her guitar made from a shoebox and toilet roll tubes; Thomas holding a number above his head; the Christmas tree at church; a hamper with books inside festive fabric covers; two Advent calendars and an elf in a box - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - week 48"


  • Day 329 – I am grateful for beautiful bright flowers for my beautiful Jessica.


  • Day 330 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas had a fun time at the school Christmas fayre.


  • Day 331 – I am grateful for fun home learning tasks.


  • Day 332 – I am grateful for my funny number-mad little boy. “Look, Mummy, I’m a Numberblock!”


  • Day 333 – I am grateful that there were a mix of people from different churches at today’s first Advent Bible exploration group. So nice to be able to come together and share thoughts from slightly different viewpoints and traditions. Also lovely that the church Christmas tree was up for it too.


  • Day 334 – I am grateful that making bags for the Advent books last year made putting our book advent together easier this year!


  • Day 335 – I am grateful that Father Christmas heard Sophie’s repeated requests to finally have an elf this year. Thankfully he also listened to Mummy’s concerns about the work involved in cleaning up after naughty elves and sent a toy elf for Sophie to play with and dress up instead.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas getting his first Christmas card from a girl at school. I loved all the hearts on the envelope.


An envelope with 'Thomas' surrounded by lots of hearts


  • Sophie and Thomas going out in their matching hats that I made them. The matching scarves are almost finished.


Sophie and Thomas wearing matching rainbow-coloured woollen hats


  • An after-school trip to the park.


Sophie and Thomas jumping on a trampoline at the park


  • Sophie and Thomas’s excitement at getting to have chocolate from their Advent calendars at breakfast.


  • A full-on dance rehearsal – haven’t had to work so hard in ages but it was fun!


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 02/12/2022 – Advent

  1. I am glad the Christmas overwhelm is feeling manageable at the moment. I hope it lasts. It sounds like you have had a busy time of it with all the Christmas things going on.
    Fab photos! Thomas’s Christmas card is just adorable. x

  2. I understand how difficult Christmas can be when someone is missing from the celebrations, but you are so lucky to still be enjoying those childhood fun filled Christmas’ and it sounds like you are really making the most of it. I hope you manage some unwinding time too x

  3. Those matching hats are so cute and colourful, they look wonderful together. Well done for making them too. I imagine they will love the scarves too.

    Sorry to hear it is a hard period for you. xx

  4. I don’t celebrate Christmas but do enjoy the festive feel and all the lights and decorations.

    The matching hats are cool!

  5. Ooh good idea for the elf to be a toy. My youngest wants an elf so maybe I can get a toy and persuade HIM to move it round each day… #project65

    1. Having a toy elf has been great – Sophie’s happy and I don’t have to do anything!

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