Friday Focus 01/11/19 – My little star

Sophie really has been the star of the show this week. She absolutely loved every minute of doing The Sound of Music and I was so proud of her performance. I got quite emotional at times watching her from the wings!


The word 'star' surrounded by yellow stars


I thought the post-show blues would hit us quite hard after all the highs of the show, but Sophie’s birthday helped to keep them at bay. We went out for a post-show lunch with some of the cast and it was so lovely to watch Sophie sitting and playing with one of her von Trapp siblings. It reminded me so much of the way she and Jessica used to play together. We visited Jessica’s forever bed on our way home – she had to be part of her sister’s birthday too.


Sophie blowing out the candle on her Connie the Caterpillar birthday cake


We’ve been on half-term this week so have been able to take it easy and recover from a busy show week. I think that’s also helped ease the post-show blues too – we’ve had other things to look forward to. I’m sure there’ll be a low to come at some point though and I’m prepared for that.


Sophie was also on the TV this week on Children in Need: Got it Covered. We were sharing her and Jessica’s story to help raise awareness of how Halo Children’s Foundation helps bereaved children and highlight the importance of Children in Need funding to support these kinds of charities. Back in the summer, we had a visit from Jodie Whittaker at our Halo group. She was absolutely lovely – very down-to-earth and friendly.  It was a very emotional day, but hopefully sharing our story will help other families too. If you didn’t see the programme, you can see our clip below. And please do consider donating to Children in Need too!



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Having all the cast sing “Happy Birthday” to Sophie at the end of the show. She loved her Sound of Music pop-up book that they gave her too.


  • Watching Sophie open her cards and presents. I love how she really took the time to appreciate each one before moving on to the next.


  • A couple of lovely days out at Denham Country Park. We dissected an owl pellet, which was absolutely fascinating; planted spring bulbs and enjoyed taking part in the Halloween trail.


Sophie looking closely at an owl pellet through a magnifying glass


  • Catching up with cousins on both sides of the family.


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun with autumn leaves.


Sophie throwing leaves over Thomas


  • A fun day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


Sophie holding Thomas's hands and walking with him at Chiltern Open Air Museum


  • Being able to take Sophie to Thomas’s Tiny Talk class. She loved being back again, especially as it was a Halloween special session. She and Thomas were the cutest little witch and wizard!


Sophie and Thomas dressed as a rainbow witch and Harry Potter in front of the Halloween selfie wall at Tiny Talk


  • Watching Sophie having fun with one of her friends at the light party at her friend’s church.


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 01/11/19 – My little star

  1. I didn’t know beforehand that you were going to be on the Children in Need program, but I recognised Sophie instantly. She certainly has been a little star this week and she looks fabulous in the lime light. I’m glad there are places like Halo that help children like Sophie. I know it would have made a difference to me when I was little, especially when my family believed I was too young to grieve. I’ve already donated to Children in Need and no doubt the kid’s schools will be raising more money next week. So glad that Sophie had a lovely birthday too, she is such a happy, lovely little girl and I can see why you are so proud of your little star.

    1. Thank you Anne. It’s so important to raise awareness of places like Halo. I’m sorry that there wasn’t anything like this around to help you when you were little. It’s made such a difference for Sophie x

  2. Oh Louise, you are all so strong for sharing your story. I imagine you will help so many other families going through loss as they see they’re not alone. Halo sounds like an incredible organisation, I’m so happy to see that they’re supported my Children in Need #wotw

    1. Thank you Emma. Halo is amazing – we’re very grateful for the support it offers and hopefully sharing our story will help other families.

  3. That clip was fabulous, and wasn’t Jodie Whittaker brilliant! Halo is a wonderful resource. And your family is very much together, what a lovely little girl Sophie is. #WotW

    1. Thank you Enda. Jodie was so lovely in real-life and it was amazing to be able to meet her and help raise awareness of the wonderful work that charities like Halo do.

  4. What a week for you all. I loved seeing you on Children In Need. You were amazing and I could have listened to you for longer. No kidding. Well done Sophie. You are a star. I’m glad the musical went well. Hope you have the next one already on the cards. Happy belated birthday to Sophie. A nice touch to visit Jessica’s forever bed on the day. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. It was lovely to have that opportunity and to be able to share our story and help raise awareness of how Children in Need helps charities like Halo. We’re taking a break from performing at the moment but I’m keeping a look-out for any other shows that Sophie and I could do together!

  5. Your little Sophie is quite the little star. I bet she will want to take part in another show. Wonderful photos of your little ones. I used to take apart owl pellets when I taught science. What fun! And so educational.

    1. Thank you Laurie, she is a little star and has definitely caught the acting bug! I’m keeping a look out for other shows that we might be able to take part in together.

  6. Ahh! It sounds like you and Sophie have had a fab time doing The Sound of Music. It sounds like such an exciting week with Sophie’s birthday too!
    I screamed at the TV when I saw you and your family on Children in Need: Got it Covered. Even my teen recognised you and Sophie! Halo is such a wonderful charity! How fab to meet Jodie Whittaker too! x

    1. Halo is amazing, we’re so thankful for them. It was lovely to meet Jodie Whittaker – she was so down-to-earth and friendly x

  7. Your whole family were amazing on Children in Need – including Jessica, the videos of her were adorable. You delivered such a powerful message about HALO and how important it is for children like Sophie. Well done to Sophie in her show as well, what an absolute star.

    1. Thank you Nat – they put that clip together so beautifully and I’m glad we were able to share our story and hopefully help other families too x

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