5 fun things to do in the garden

Regular readers will know that I love to get out and about with my family, visiting new places or exploring old favourites. With Jessica recovering from her cardiac catheter procedure this week, we’ve been taking it easy and just enjoyed time in the garden instead. The girls are happy just being outdoors and there are plenty of fun things we can do in the garden. It’s a good reminder that we don’t always have to go further afield to enjoy outdoor fun. Here are some of our favourite things to do in the garden:


Painting, planting, water play, bubbles and crazy golf - fun things to do in the garden



1) Painting

Whether it’s getting out the easel and painting pictures or getting out a tray and a roll of lining paper and doing some footprint painting, outdoor painting is always fun. I noticed recently that one of my garden walls has a couple of wires stretched across it (how I never noticed it before is beyond me!) and it’s perfect for hanging paintings up to dry.

Paintings hanging on my garden wall to dry



2) Digging and planting

I’m not the biggest fan of gardening, I have to admit (it’s a necessary evil that I have yet to develop enjoyment for) but the girls love to help me out with the digging and the planting. We’ve just transferred our sunflowers into the garden and are looking forward to seeing them grow. I’m glad that my girls enjoy gardening even if I don’t and hopefully they’ll grow up with a love of gardening too.

Watering the sunflowers in the garden



3) Water play

With planting and digging comes watering which then quickly leads on to some water play. The plant sprayers are especially fun for this! When it’s hot we also have a tiny paddling pool (makes mental note to get a bigger one this summer) which the girls love although it is very cosy!

Spraying each other with the plant sprayers and having a wonderful time with some water play



4) Bubbles

Seeing the looks of delight on the girls’ faces whenever the garden gets filled with bubbles is something I never tire of. As well as blowing them, they love to try and catch them with their tongues – I can’t imagine for one minute it tastes nice at all but they have fun!

Having fun playing with bubbles in the garden



5) Crazy golf

Jessica had a sticker chart in hospital and got stickers for all the various tests she had to have done. Once the sticker chart was complete, she got to choose a present from the present cupboard and she chose the In the Night Garden crazy golf. While the girls have yet to get the hang of it, they have a lot of fun hitting the balls around the garden and rolling them down their slide.


Playing In the Night Garden crazy golf

Hitting the golf balls down the slide


As well as these, there is also lots of fun to be had with the playhouse and the slide, the Little Tikes car and scuttlebug (which Jessica still loves even if she is getting too big for it!) and picnics with the toys. Hours of fun whilst still taking things easy.


What garden activities do your little ones enjoy?

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25 thoughts on “5 fun things to do in the garden

  1. At least it’s been great weather for getting out in the garden. Your bubbles reminds me I must get out our blower thing. I have to admit that I’m also not a fan of gardening. We need to plant out N’s dwarf runner beans from after school club which is a bit scary

  2. You really do make the most of your garden and crafts in the garden are so much more relaxed than in the house. Nick is keen on making a crazy golf course here one day, based on your two I think it would be a good idea. I hope Jessica continues to improve after her operation, she always looks so cheerful, even on her hospital bed, you must be so proud of her.

    Thank you for sharing your relaxing garden week on #CountryKids

  3. So true how kids can have a wonderful and creative time just in the garden. My two now especially love water play – that is chasing each other with huge water guns around the garden!

  4. Completely agree with you that you don’t have to go far to have fun. Even as they get older. Love that top photo. They look so happy painting. Hope the sunflowers grow tall and sturdy. #CountryKids

  5. Oh I do love the warmer weather and the more opportunities to get out in the garden and have fun. All regular activities here as well as pavement chalk, playing in the sand and Monkey’s favourite, running around like loonies haha xx

  6. We love all those things. Your bubble machine looks fantastic! Garden play can be so underrated, it’s such a great place for fun and fresh air. We’re planting our sunflowers out today. #countrykids

  7. Your post shows just how much fun can be found i the garden. Your two look like they are having a magical time. Hoping those sunflowers survive & we get to see how tall they grow on ~#ountrykids

  8. Hope Jessica is doing well. She is such a brave little girl, and has the most gorgeous smile in all your photos.
    As lovely as it is getting out and exploring new places, I love how much fun children can have in their own garden.

  9. Hope Jessica is doing ok after her hospital trip. I love your ideas for activities in the garden, especially painting outside as that can be such a messy thing to do inside! Also genius that those wires can be used to dry your paintings. I really love the photo of them dancing in the bubbles, such a lovely photo 🙂 #countrykids

  10. We love spending time in the garden. It is in massive need of renovation, but the kids don’t seem to ever notice that! Bubbles are always a huge hit with my kids, plus pavement chalks. They can draw for hours! We have football goals and loads of footballs, and they love kicking those. We have a slide too and they love that… especially sliding into the paddling pool in the summer. Hope Jessica is recovering well from her operation. Gorgeous photos of your two girls. #countrykids

  11. Jessica is looking so well and it’s great to see her out and about in the garden. She truly is a strong and amazing little girl! It’s nice to see the girls making good the most of their garden. There definitely is loads of fun to be had there.xx #countrykids

  12. I keep meaning to do some painting outside….My girls can make as much mess as they want then. hehehe
    Lovely photos! Your girls always look like they are having so much fun together.

  13. I love the way that you make the time and effort to keep everyone up to date on ur blog and post with all the stress and worrie you have on a day to day basis and it makes me so proud to say that’s my auntie and my cousins.
    Loveyou all millions and I hope Jessica is getting better after her op xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Jamie, that’s so lovely of you to say. Jessica is almost back to her normal happy self now so recovering well! Love you millions too xxx

  14. Those are so much fun. My kids love nothing more than blowing bubbles and to be honest so do I. Watching the bubble float and disappear. It’s so relaxing. Great choices of things to do x

  15. great garden ideas. love painitng and R is just about getting to the age where I might let him start painting. I think he’ll enjoy it. Gardening is one of those things that you either love or hate, i am sure the girls will love it when the sunflower grows! #countrykids

  16. It’s lovely to see her looking so well Lou – and painting in the garden is inspired! I honestly never thought about taking the easel outside!! #countrykids

  17. I must say your daughters are so cute….I would like to join them in golf (kidding).You are having great space.I like your ideas.It’s helpful while you want to spend some family time at your place.

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