Timeline of my day

03:30 – Sophie wakes. Feed Sophie to try and get her back to sleep

04:00 – Sophie finishes feed. Put in cot and return to minuscule space left in bed as Jessica is in with us, having woken up as we were going to bed last night and not wanted to settle back down in her cot. Sophie stirs and grumbles. Pretend to be a statue for next 10 minutes in most uncomfortable position until sure Sophie is now asleep.

04:20 – Hubby decides to return a fidgety Jessica back to her cot.

04:40 – Jessica back in family bed as getting very upset and not wanting to settle in her cot.

05:10 – Jessica finally settles back down. It probably takes me another 15 minutes to fall asleep in tiny space left after she has spread herself out.

07:20 – Sophie stirs. Pretend to be a statue in the hope of dozing a little longer. Jessica prods me : “Sophie wake, Mummy!” Give up and resign myself to embrace new day. Feed Sophie while Jessica watches Mr Tumble on iPad.

08:00 – Sophie finishes feed. Prod hubby so he can take children downstairs and I can snooze (as it’s Sunday – normally I go downstairs at this point too)

Whilst I snooze – Hubby changes nappies, gives Jessica milk and her medication, plays with the children, empties dishwasher and gets breakfast for himself and the children.

09:30 – Get up feeling much better for extra sleep, get washed and dressed, come downstairs and put nappies on to wash, grab quick breakfast and coffee.

10:00 – Get children dressed (normally done when first come downstairs but it is the weekend!), brush teeth, do Jessica’s hair, change nappies, spend 5 mins on computer linking up blog posts, reading and commenting, load up change bag with nappies, water and snacks and head off to church


11:00 – Church. Sophie has a feed and a nap during the service, Jessica usually plays in the crèche but today she just wants to sit and snuggle with Daddy.

12:00 – Coffee and catch- up with Grandma and Grandad after service, girls have snack.

12:45 – Home for lunch

13:30 – Nappy changes and head off to supermarket to do weekly shop. Quickly do meal plan in car (whilst hubby is driving) so shopping list ready by the time we get there.

15:00 – Home from supermarket. Sophie napping, Jessica playing. Unpack shopping, prepare veggies for dinner and put lamb in oven, wash up and put nappies on washing line whilst hubby mows lawn.

15:45 – Sophie wakes up. Jessica has next dose of meds. Hubby changes nappies and plays with children whilst I put laundry on and bag up outgrown clothes and baby bits to go up in loft.

16:30 – Feed Sophie and play with Jessica whilst hubby puts things in loft and gets next size of clothes down for Sophie as she is starting to outgrow the current size.

16:45 – Sophie finishes feed. Make cars out of octons for Jessica’s In the Night Garden figures and play with children in the garden whilst popping in and out of the kitchen to keep an eye on dinner.


17:30 – Dinnertime. More meds for Jessica.

18:15 – Clean children and table off, run bath. Hubby fills up dishwasher and washes up excess dishes, takes nappies off line and tidies away toys in garden. Put wet laundry in tumble dryer and another load on to wash.

18:45 – Children ‘help’ tidy toys away and go upstairs for bath, story time, milk and settling into bed. Hubby sits and settles Jessica in her room whilst I sit in ours and feed Sophie.

19:30 – Jessica fast asleep, hubby goes downstairs to relax. Sophie still feeding.

20:20 – Sophie asleep and in to cot. Go downstairs, put wet laundry on airer.

20:30 – Sophie awake and crying. Back up and feed again.

20:45 – Sophie asleep again and back in cot. Downstairs, put nappies on to wash, start on last few bits of washing up, hubby making up clean nappies.

20:55 – Sophie awake again. Back upstairs for yet another feed to settle her down.

21:15 – Sophie asleep and back in cot – third time lucky, I hope! Back downstairs, hubby has finished washing up so I make myself a dripping sandwich (a rare naughty treat after roast lamb!) and sit down to catch up on my blog.

The rest of the evening, I suspect will go something like this:

22:30 – Last set of meds of the day for Jessica. Go to bed, Sophie wakes up again and has another feed to settle her back to sleep! (hopefully she’ll stay settled tonight though and sleep until morning!)


And that’s my day!


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7 thoughts on “Timeline of my day

  1. It’s amazing how much running about we actually do with kids but forget about. I hope Sophie did sleep through the night for you 🙂 x

    1. Thank you – I thought I’d make it detailed to illustrate how busy parents can be. Sophie didn’t quite sleep through the night but she settled quickly after one brief feed and Jessica slept in her own cot all night so it was a better night all round 🙂

  2. Oh my days! You are so busy, I’d forgotten what it was like to have younger children & disturbed sleep!

  3. Busy day, like all our mum days! I’m amazed you only spend 5 minutes on the computer and manage to read and comment on blogs. I’m terrible for getting distrac … Oooh, shiny!

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