Me and You (December)

We nearly didn’t manage to get a photo of just the two of us together this month but managed to get a moment at a friend’s housewarming/Christmas party to have a photo taken together while the children were distracted with the toys in the playroom!

Me and You (December) - Little Hearts, Big LoveIt is perhaps appropriate that this month’s photo was taken in the city where hubby and I first met and by a university friend who knew us both before we became a couple. We have enjoyed a couple of days catching up with friends from our university days which seem so long ago now and revisiting the memories of the fun we shared back in our student days.

Me and You (December) - Little Hearts, Big LoveI’ve enjoyed joining in with ‘Me and You’ this year – refocusing on my relationship with my hubby and remembering to take moments here and there for us as a couple. It can be all too easy to get caught up in day-to-day life and to start to take each other for granted, forgetting the things that are special to you as a couple. It’s really helped me to focus on the things I love about my hubby and how we can work so well together when we work as a team – and this is particularly important in the run-up to Christmas when things can feel so very hectic. It has been lovely that hubby is starting to wind down at work ready for the Christmas break and we have actually managed to grab time together in the evenings.

Christmas is also the one time of year when hubby is really able to switch off from work – even when we go on holiday in the summer, he often has to take a little time each day to respond to work calls and emails but come Christmas, all his clients are taking a break and we can really focus on being together as a family without the distractions of work.

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2 thoughts on “Me and You (December)

  1. Teehee…. I love that in the 2nd photo your on tip toes… I love your dress. Glad you managed to get a photo in this month. Hubby and I very rarely get photos these days of the two of us. 🙁

    1. I think there’s been a lot of photos over the years of me standing on tiptoes next to hubby! There’s been very few photos of just me and hubby over the last few years – I love the ‘Me and You’ project for helping to prompt me to take some.

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