Cupcake case flower – a simple toddler craft

This week’s craft activity at our Tuesday morning mother and toddler group was making a cupcase cake flower. These are quick and easy to make and great for helping with fine motor skills. Jessica needed a little help with making these but enjoyed doing so.


A flower made from three cupcake cases, tissue paper, pipe cleaner and a button - "Cupcake case flower - a simple toddler craft"

You will need:

  • Three cupcake cases (preferably of different sizes)
  • A small piece of tissue paper
  • A pipe cleaner
  • A button
  • Blu tack
  • A sharp pencil


1) Put the cupcake cases inside each other with the biggest on the bottom and the smallest on the top.

2) Make a hole through the centre of the cupcake cases using a sharp pencil and blu tack.

3) Fold the tissue paper and make a hole through the centre.

4) Put the tissue paper inside the cupcake cases.

5) Place a button on top of the tissue paper.

6) Pass a pipe cleaner through the holes in the tissue paper and one of the button holes. Twist it back around on itself and push the end back through the other button hole and through the tissue paper and cupcakes case.

7) Twist the end of the pipe cleaner behind the bottom cupcake case to secure


Voilá! – one pretty cupcake case flower.


8 thoughts on “Cupcake case flower – a simple toddler craft

  1. awww what a fantastic idea!! my little man would love making flowers and ai could change it to windmills too! thanks for sharing #MiniCreations

  2. Very pretty – and a lovely craft for little ones to make, especially at this time of year 🙂

  3. That looks so good, really effective, yet so simple for little ones to make (with a little help of course).

  4. We did something almost identical at toddler group a few weeks ago, they are still in the kitchen window! #minicreations

  5. Grace says – What a great idea, especially using cupcake cases and we think Juessica has done an awesome job xx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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