Christmas fayre in memory of Amelia

On Saturday, Jessica and I went to a charity Christmas fayre organised by my friends Lisa and Ashley in memory of their daughter Amelia, who died earlier this year at the age of 3 years and 4 months a result of an epileptic seizure. Sadly despite having suffered around 40 fits from the age of 14 months until her tragic death, Amelia was never diagnosed with epilepsy – her fits having been put down to febrile convulsions in spite of a family history of epilepsy.  It is heartbreaking that had she been diagnosed and medicated, her death may have been prevented.

Since Amelia’s tragic death, Ashley and Lisa have been focusing their energies into raising awareness and organising fundraising events in aid of Epilepsy Research UK.  Earlier this year, they organised a sponsored walk which raised over £6000 with further events planned for next year.

Charity Christmas Fayre 01

Charity Christmas Fayre 06

The Christmas Fayre was well attended and helped to raise over £2000 for Epilepsy Research UK. Well done Ashley and Lisa for organising a great event and for raising such a good amount. Jessica enjoyed some of the cakes on the cake stall and having her face painted as a tiger. There were some amazing raffle prizes and we had a go on the tombolo but didn’t manage to get lucky.

Charity Christmas Fayre 02

Charity Christmas Fayre 04

Charity Christmas Fayre 03

Charity Christmas Fayre 07Charity Christmas Fayre 08

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11 thoughts on “Christmas fayre in memory of Amelia

  1. Oh Louise what a terrible tragedy and your friends are brave, inspiring people xx

    1. It is so very sad – I can’t begin to imagine what my friends have been through but they are amazingly strong and incredibly inspiring, so glad that their Christmas fayre was such a success x

  2. Just so touching to see the effort that people put into these fayres and it’s so obviously worth it. £2000 is a significant amount of money.
    Lovely post. X

    1. Thank you – I was so glad that it was such a successful Christmas fayre and helped to raise such a good amount.

    1. It is such a tragedy and even more sad because it was potentially avoidable. I’m glad that the Christmas fayre raised such a good amount though and has helped to raise awareness too x

    1. It is incredibly sad Katy. My friends are such an amazing couple – they have been so strong and so together throughout all of this and are incredibly inspiring people. I am so glad that their Christmas fayre raised such a good amount and is helping to raise awareness x

  3. It is so sad that Amelia passed away when diagnosis could actually have made a difference. Your friends are really brave to focus their energy on raising money and awareness about epilepsy. Well done to them for raising so much money and for having the courage to fight so that others won’t have to go through what they have.

    1. It is so very sad and even more so considering that the diagnosis could have made such a difference. My friends are so very brave and inspiring – I am so glad that their Christmas fayre was so well attended and raised such a good amount as raising awareness and fundraising for Epilepsy Research UK is so important to them x

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