Reflecting on the blessings of motherhood

Sitting in the semi-darkness, listening to the soft breathing of my two little girls. One asleep in the cot at the end of my bed; the other sleeping between me and my husband who is snoring. Another day in which I have been blessed with cuddles and kisses from my babies. The joy of hearing them both laugh and seeing my little one roll from her front to her back for the first time (and look very pleased with herself for doing so!)


Baby Sophie asleep after a feed

Motherhood is sometimes exhausting, sometimes overwhelming and sometimes can feel almost relentless. But then there are the beautiful moments. The smiles, the ‘love you Mummy’, the chubby arms clasped tightly around your neck. The big blue eyes gazing adoringly at you, chubby hands patting your cheek and a warm little body curled up to you fast asleep. What a blessing it is to have these little ones to love; a blessing and such a responsibility too. Trying to teach them right from wrong, all those little skills they need to learn. How much we can learn from them though – forgiveness, unconditional love, seeing the joy in the little things, living for the moment. Thank you Lord for the blessing of children.

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