Autumn walks in Black Park

I’ve been enjoying getting out for walks with Thomas while Sophie is at school. We often head for one of the country parks as the paths there are mostly buggy-friendly and they’re a nice safe area for Thomas to be able to explore in. Black Park is particularly good for nice long walks as it’s so big and there are so many different paths we can follow.


Thomas wrapped up warm for a walk in Black Park – “Autumn walks in Black Park”


It’s a popular area for families and dog-walkers and the areas around the lake and near the car park tend to be busy, especially at weekends. It quietens down as you head further into the woods towards the heathland though. We tend to head for the quieter areas at the moment and avoid the busier times at the weekends.


Thomas inside a den at Black Park


Thomas examining a leaf


Walks with Thomas are often quite leisurely, stopping frequently to pick up a leaf or an acorn – or to jump in a puddle. There’s certainly plenty of little things along the way for him to spot. Spider-webs covered in dewdrops, fairy toadstools, yellow and orange leaves to pick up and throw.


A dew-covered spider web with a spider in the middle


A fly agaric fungus


It’s been a while since I walked some of these paths though. The last time I headed this far into Black Park was at this time of year three years ago. An autumn afternoon enjoying some Mummy-Jessica time. What a lovely afternoon that was – exploring parts of the Black Park we’d not visited before, finding geocaches and just enjoying time together. The memories of that walk come back so strongly as I explore those paths once more with Thomas. Bittersweet, but beautiful memories, bringing Jessica close to me once more.


Jessica finding a geocache


Thomas is quite happy walking for a while, alternating between wanting to explore and wanting to ride in the buggy. He likes to stop every now and then for a “nic-nic” – as long as I have snacks and water in my bag, he’s content! He does have a tendency to kick his wellies off once he’s in his buggy. It’s easier sometimes to take them off once he’s strapped in again rather than risk losing one along the way!


Thomas in his buggy at Black Park


Thomas in his buggy in front of the lake at Black Park with a swan swimming past


It’s always good to get outside for a couple of hours. Thomas enjoys having the space to run around and explore and I always feel so much better for time outside. I’m glad that we are still able to enjoy walks outside with restrictions tightening once more.


A smiley Thomas in Black Park


Visiting Black Park – what you need to know:


Black Park Country Park
Black Park Road

Opening times:

Black Park is open every day from 8am. Closing times vary throughout the year. Parking charges apply all year around. For more information, click here.


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9 thoughts on “Autumn walks in Black Park

    1. It is a lovely spot for a walk and was nice to revisit some happy memories along the way too.

  1. This sounds a really lovely park to explore 🙂 I love these photos too and such a special place for you too x

  2. Looks like you have had a lovely time. I remember taking Rowan exploring when he was little. I really enjoyed the leisurely pace, and being able to see all the things he spotted that I would have missed otherwise.

    Glad you were able to revisit and enjoy treasured memories. xx


    1. It is lovely seeing the world through a little one’s eyes. I quite like the leisurely pace too.

  3. It looks like a great park and loads of places to explore. I love your photos, they really evoke the feel of the park and I REALLY love Thomas’s wellies! They are super cool. Thank you so much for sharing such a special place. with us. #AdventureCalling

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