An ode to my dad

This coming Sunday (19th October) would have been my dad’s 81st birthday.  I would always try and go home on his birthday and he used to love having all the family popping in to wish him a happy birthday.  I wish I could go home on Sunday and see him sitting there, looking so delighted to see everyone.  What is also hard is that my father-in-law shares the same birthday which makes me miss celebrating my dad’s birthday that little bit more.


This week’s Prose for Thought poem is dedicated to my wonderful, funny dad:
A photo of me and my dad on my wedding day

Friday nights at the bingo hall, hoping to have a shout
Showing how much I loved you by stretching my arms out
The way that you used to say “Happy New Year”
Are some of the memories that I hold so dear


Sitting all round the table, playing games of Mah-jong
You playing the piano, me singing along
Coming home to surprise you and seeing your smile
Your look of pride at my wedding as I walked down the aisle


Saturday nights and popping out for Chinese
Watching old movies, eating crackers and cheese
All of the film books we used to flick through
Wonderful memories that remind me of you

Two little granddaughters I’d love to have shown you
A wonderful granddad – how I wish they had known you
Another birthday approaches – wish I could celebrate with you
Instead of just thinking I love you and miss you


Thanks for the memories, too many to measure
A wonderful childhood, all those moments I treasure
Love and miss you forever – but so proud that I had
Such a wonderful person like you for my dad


BEDA 05-00


20 thoughts on “An ode to my dad

  1. Louise, what a lovely dad you had. And what a lovely grandad he would have been. Funny I picked this up as I am next to you on Prose4T and my poem I posted today was a bit about my dad. He sounds like the polar opposite to yours! How wonderful to have these memories. Thinking of you x

    1. Thank you – he was a lovely dad and I have a lot of lovely memories – just such a shame that my girls won’t be able to have any of their own memories of him. I am so sorry that your dad sounds like he is the opposite, but glad that you felt able to stand up to him as you expressed in your lovely poem x

  2. This is a gorgeous tribute. I’m really sorry for your loss, and agree that birthdays bring it all back that little bit more. I lost my Dad too, when I was 23 and I still miss him and wish so much that he could have been there for all the big and small things in my life. Thinking of you x

    1. Thank you Yvette – sorry you lost your dad too. It’s been nearly five years since he died and I know he would have been such a wonderful granddad to my girls – I wish they could have known him.

  3. Louise that is so wonderful I am also glad that I had the chance to meet such a wonderful caring person and was so proud to call him dad, In the few years that I was in his life he has left me with wonderful happy memories and has left a space in my heart. it only seems like yesterday that we were all together how the years have gone by so quick xxxxxxx

  4. Oh wow. Your dad was a very special man. The words are beautiful and the pictures are wonderful. Hugs xx

    1. Thank you – he was a very lovely dad and I miss him a lot. He would have been an amazing granddad to my little girls x

  5. This is so beautiful Louise, you have formed such a wonderful tribute to your Dad. So full of memories. I hope that there is some comfort in your father in law sharing your Dads birthday, maybe as a way of him looking out for you. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xxx

    1. Thank you – have so many lovely memories of my dad. Lovely to link up to Prose for Thought as always x

  6. A lovely poem for a lovely man – even though he wasn’t able to meet your children, it’s clear they’ll be able to know how special he was from your memories of him! #FathersDay2015

  7. I’ve read this before but enjoyed it even more this time – such a beautiful tribute and I love the photos too. Father’s Day is bittersweet when you don’t have your own dad any more, I will be thinking of mine whilst celebrating my son’s daddy on Sunday. Big hugs x #FathersDay2015

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