A bear on a bike: fun at the park with the Halo bear

At this month’s Halo group, Sophie was very excited to get to take Walter, the Halo bear home with her. He comes with a little bag, containing his dressing gown, toothbrush, hairbrush – and a bicycle helmet. Naturally, this meant Sophie wanted to get her bike out and take Walter out on it.


Sophie on her bike with Walter strapped into the seat behind her and Thomas next to her on his trike at the park - "A bear on a bike: fun at the park with the Halo bear"


Sophie rides her scooter to school each day, but it’s rare for us to get the bike out. Mostly because I’ve found it a bit of a struggle in the past if we went out and I ended up having to push the bike along, or carry it. The scooter is so much easier. It’s one of the throwbacks of life with Jessica, I think. Jessica tired quickly, and so the odds of me having to carry the bike were quite high. With Sophie, that isn’t the case at all. Besides, she’s quite capable of pushing the bike along herself if she got tired of riding it.


Getting Jessica’s old bike out for Sophie prompted me to get Sophie’s old trike out as well. Thomas is just the right age for this now. His little legs are too short at the moment to reach the pedals, but he loved sitting in the trike while I pushed him along. Much more fun than riding in the buggy!


Sophie on her bike with Thomas on his trike


Walter seemed very comfortable in his seat on the back of Sophie’s bike too.


Sophie riding her bike around the park with Walter strapped into the seat behind her


Watching Thomas at the park made me realise just how much steadier on his feet he’s become. He has a bit of tendency to face-plant when walking outside, but now he’s managing to stay on his feet most of the time. There’s still an occasional wobble, but he’s getting better at regaining his balance before he falls over.


Thomas standing next to the spinning saucer at the park


He loved getting to bounce on the trampoline for the first time. Sophie is so good with him. I love how caring she is, and how she encourages him to do new things. She was so sweet standing with him, holding his hands and gently bobbing up and down.


Sophie holding Thomas's hands as they bounce on the trampoline at the park


Once Thomas was off exploring elsewhere though, she enjoyed being able to jump around a bit more!


Sophie holding Walter the bear while bouncing on the trampoline at the park


I love how much fun the children have doing something as simple as just going to the park. Having Walter there to share the fun made it even better. It was lovely to watch Sophie’s joy at getting to ride around with Walter on her bike, and to watch her pushing him on the swings. He even got to have a little ride with Thomas – although admittedly Thomas spent most of the time trying to pull Walter’s helmet off!


Thomas sitting in his trike, holding Walter the bear


The nice thing about having the Halo bear is that we get to have him for a couple of weeks, and it feels less pressured than having a class bear for a weekend. Like everything else at Halo, it’s about trying to make happy memories and simple childhood fun at the park is a perfect way to make those memories. It was also a good way of encouraging me to get Sophie’s bike out for her. It made me realise that it really isn’t such a struggle after all to go on a little bike ride to the park. We really should do it more often.


Thomas sitting in the baby swing with Sophie pushing Walter in the swing next to him


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5 thoughts on “A bear on a bike: fun at the park with the Halo bear

  1. Ah, Walter is very cute and what a great idea to share him around everybody. He’ll have lots of stories to tell! Great that you’ve discovered bikes again too. How quickly is Thomas growing! Thanks for keeping this great linky going #countrykids

    1. It is such a lovely thing to do with the children and it was such a good excuse to get the bikes out! 🙂

  2. Halo looks like he is having a lovely time at the park with Sophie and Thomas. The bikes look like a great way to get around and Sophie’s old bike is perfect for Thomas now. #CountryKids

  3. Hi Louise, it doesn’t look like yesterday’s comment has saved so I’m reposting. Thanks for keeping this fab linky going! Walter is such a good idea for Halo families and he looks like he had great fun with you all. Glad you’ve rediscovered cycling too. #CountryKids

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