#365daysofgratitude – Week 9

#365daysofgratitude is my challenge for 2017 to share one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. I took part in a similar challenge last year and loved it so am looking forward to continuing with it this year. Here are the things that I’ve been grateful for over the past week:


Day 57 – I am grateful for social media. Sophie was in the paper a couple of weeks ago and I completely missed it. Thanks to our local Facebook group and a lady who still had that week’s paper, I now have a copy of the article.

Day 58 – I am grateful for the beauty of a rainbow.

Day 59 – I am grateful for pancakes. Every year I end up wondering why I don’t make them more often!

Social media helping to obtain an article in the paper, rainbows on a rainy day, pancakes, a good cardiac check-up and a bravery buddy, dressing up and imagination, a cat costume for World Book Day and French food from the market - the things I'm thankful for this week

Day 60 – I am grateful for a reassuring cardiac check-up for Jessica today and receiving this gorgeous bravery buddy in the post for her.

Day 61 – I am grateful for dress-up clothes and imagination.

Day 62 – I am grateful that Jessica chose a nice easy costume for World Book Day.

Day 63 – I am grateful for the French market being in town.

2 thoughts on “#365daysofgratitude – Week 9

    1. Lol, glad I’m not alone in this! We usually manage at least once more during the year but it’s still very infrequent.

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