#30dayswild 2019 – Week 4

#30DaysWild is now over for this year. We’ve enjoyed taking part in this challenge from the Wildlife Trust to connect more with nature every day in June, joining in with “random acts of wildness”. This was our third year taking part. It’s been a brilliant way of encouraging us to get outdoors every day – even if just for a short time. We’ve learned new things; spotted mini-beasts we haven’t seen before and Sophie has captured her wild activities each day in her nature journal. It will be a lovely thing for her to look back on.


Some of our wild activities have been focused; others have just been about getting outdoors and going with the flow. Picking the raspberries and wild strawberries that have been ripening in the garden throughout the month has been our most frequent wild activity! I love how this neglected patch of the garden is so full of things to look at and enjoy.


Here are the things that we enjoyed during our final week of taking part in #30DaysWild this year:


Thomas sitting on the grass; a bee in a dog rose; baking cookies in a solar oven; Sophie lying on a picnic blanket - "#30DaysWild 2019 - Week 4"


Day 24 – Going for a walk in Langley Park after school.


Sophie hiding in the bamboo; Sophie walking in Langley Park


Day 25 – Watching a busy bee buzzing around the flowers.


A bee on a dog rose; Sophie's drawing of the bee and the dog rose in her nature journal


Day 26 – Revisiting an old favourite activity and making nature fairy wands with sticks, pipe cleaners and flowers from the garden. Thomas also enjoyed sitting out in the garden although wasn’t so sure about the grass on his bare feet. There are still plenty of raspberries and wild strawberries ripening on the bushes for Sophie to pick.


(top) Sophie making a nature fairy wand; Sophie with her finished nature fairy wand; (bottom) Thomas sitting on the grass; Sophie picking raspberries


Day 27 – Helping water the roses and the radishes and lettuce we planted earlier this month. The radishes are coming along nicely. Sophie enjoyed her afternoon snack of freshly picked raspberries and wild strawberries. We also spotted a flat-backed millipede in one of the pot plants.


(top) Sophie watering the roses; Sophie watering the radishes; (bottom) Sophie sitting on her slide eating raspberries; a millipede in a pot plant


Day 28 – Spotting different wildflowers in the garden. We’re also going to try pressing them to go in Sophie’s nature journal.



Day 29 – We made a solar oven with a couple of shoe boxes, newspaper, foil and black paper and tried baking cookies. We didn’t quite manage to produce cookies but did get nice warm cookie dough to eat and it was a fun project to try.


(top) Sophie making her solar oven; Sophie checking on the solar oven in the garden; (bottom) cookies baking in the solar oven; Sophie eating a cookie


Day 30 – Lying on a blanket in the garden watching the clouds drift across the sky and listening to the birds singing in the trees.


Sophie lying on a picnic blanket

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  1. What a great way to end #30days wild! The colours of those petals are so pretty, it would be lovely to see if you can press them. The nature journal is a very fun idea. #countrykids

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