#30DaysWild 2018 – Week 3

#30DaysWild is a nature challenge run by the Wildlife Trust. It aims to encourage people to connect with nature through doing wild activities every day throughout June. We joined in with this for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls and I learned so much about nature and enjoyed doing various outdoor activities and nature-inspired crafts. This year, Sophie and I are joining in again.


Last year, I blogged daily about our wild activities. This year I’m sharing the daily updates on Instagram with a weekly update on the blog, plus the occasional individual post about a specific activity. Here are the wild activities we’ve been enjoying this week:


Sophie helping Grandma feed the birds; Sophie taking a closer look with her magnifying glass; two ducks at Legoland; Sophie picking raspberries; Sophie with a daisy chain on her head and Sophie running around barefoot at the adventure playground - "#30DaysWild - Week 3"


Day 17 –Sophie loves helping Grandma feed the birds in her garden.

Day 18 – Taking a closer look at the plants in the garden to see if we can find any more minibeasts to tick off in our I-Spy book.

Day 19 – Most of the ‘wild’ animals we spotted today were made from Lego but we did have a friendly robin come to say hello when we were watching the puppet show at Legoland and Sophie spotted a couple of ducks who had made themselves comfortable in the middle of Miniland.

Day 20 – More raspberry picking in the garden.

Day 21 – Making daisy chains with Sophie in the garden.

Day 22 – Enjoying some barefoot exploring.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

10 thoughts on “#30DaysWild 2018 – Week 3

  1. The daisy chain photo is my favourite, it is so pretty and reminds me of my own childhood. I am a little jealous of those raspberries too!

    Thank you for sharing your wild week on #CountryKids

  2. We’re doing this for the first time this year, mostly posting photos each day on Facebook. I’m planning a blog post next week. Great to see you’re getting out and about, nature is so healing. #CountryKids

  3. gosh at the fruit being ready to pick already, ours is a few weeks away yet.
    Been a while since we made daisy chains, but then hubby keeps the grass to short.
    Did she find any more mini beasts?

  4. Ooh we went to Legoland this week too! I love barefoot walking – I should do this with the boys. Another great week you have had.

  5. Looks like Sophie had a lovely time, hope the raspberries were delicious #countrykids

  6. Its such a simple idea as far too many folks have lost touch with nature. I am lucky to live near the Lake District and to have opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

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