2015 – Looking ahead

2015 - Looking ahead - Little Hearts, Big LoveSince Jessica’s diagnosis, I don’t really tend to look ahead into the future – it feels far too uncertain and scary particularly with the possibility that 2015 will bring Jessica’s next major heart surgery. The first little milestone that 2015 will bring though is Jessica starting pre-school which is just under a week away. I know that she will be fine and she will enjoy it but it is a bittersweet step for me, knowing that from next week she will no longer be at home with me all the time. No doubt we will adjust though and it will be lovely to have the one-to-one time with Sophie. I am also a little anxious about how pre-school will mean Jessica being more exposed to lots of different bugs – we managed to stay out of hospital last winter other than a planned admission for a cardiac catheter and hopefully we will manage to avoid it again this winter.

New Year’s Resolutions

Whilst I don’t really tend to make many new year’s resolutions, here are some of my aims for 2015:

  • Getting the girls back into a sensible routine after it completely going out of the window in December. Hopefully this will also mean that Sophie sleeps better!
  • Finally adjusting our bedroom curtains so that they don’t cover the top of the radiator.
  • Sorting out the clutter and reorganising various rooms in preparation for Jessica and Sophie moving into a bedroom together.
  • Potty-training Jessica – time to bite the bullet and get started on this one!
  • Finding the last of the Olympic and Paralympic gold postboxes.
  • Having a date night with hubby at least every other month.


I’ll be starting a new weekly linky from Monday 5th January called ‘From the mouths of babes’ which is all about sharing the things that your children say – from their first words, to the funny or embarrassing things that children say or even sharing them singing songs. I’d love it if you could join in with me!

From the mouths of babes

My monthly ‘Heart to heart’ linky will continue to open on the 15th of each month and I will also be pinning posts to my Pinterest board – let me know if you would like an invitation to pin on this.

I have a few plans for posts going into 2015, particularly with regards to CHD Awareness Week which runs from 7-14 February.

And whilst I don’t want to get hung up about stats, it would be lovely to get into the top 250 of the Tots100 rankings in 2015.


Wishing all my blog readers a very Happy New Year and hope that 2015 will be kind to you all.

The List

22 thoughts on “2015 – Looking ahead

  1. I hope you have an amazing 2015 and that you achieve all your resolutions!
    How exciting about Jessica starting preschool! I bet she will have so much fun!

    What a great linky, I can’t wait to join in, especially when Boo is a little older, but I think even with her few words I have a couple of posts in mind!

    1. Thank you – very exciting and I think she will love it but I will miss her being around all the time x

  2. Good luck starting pre-school Jessica! I’m sure you’ll all adjust to it just fine. Also wishing you the best dealing with the clutter. In my experience it’s a never ending task. #TheList

  3. i hope you all the best with the potty training and getting into tots100 top 250. I honestly hope you make it. We are going to be putting our girls all in same room sometime this year. But not yet cause I’m honestly not ready yet. Also did you know there is a gold post box in leeds city centre 🙂 which is near me 🙂

    1. Good luck with putting your girls together. I did know that there was a gold post box in Leeds – it’s Nicola Adam’s one and was the 6th one we visited 🙂

  4. Great resolutions. I wish you all the luck for achieving them and to your little girl Jessica. I’m sure you will get into the tots250 🙂 and I may be coming back to read about potty training as I know I have this stage to come with an 18month old 🙂 #TheList

    1. Thank you – will definitely be posting about the potty training when we embark upon it! 🙂

  5. Exciting times for Jessica with preschool! Good luck with all your goals this year. I’d love to join in with your linkys. Just may need reminding!!


  6. Happy New Year to you and yours Louise! Good luck with Jessica starting in preschool, we’re in the same boat on Tuesday and it’s just such a big step isn’t it and its understandable you feel uncertain! Like you say she’ll love it when she gets there 🙂 Looking forward to your new linky! My eldest comes out with some corkers! x

    1. Thank you Georgina, happy new year to you and good luck with your little one starting preschool too! Hope you can join in with my linky 🙂

  7. Great idea for a linky! My little one certainly comes out with some corkers, the little monster! Some great resolutions and here’s hoping for a happy and healthy new year for all of you x

  8. Looks like some fabulous goals there Louise! And so exciting about Jessica starting pre-school…not so much the potty training though – I’m ignoring that for a while longer!

    Happy New Year love and thanks for joining in with #TheList xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah – am putting off the potty training until Jessica is settled at preschool but really do need to get started on this one! Happy New Year to you too and lovely to link up to #theList again 🙂

  9. I totally understand you’re afraid to look ahead, but glad that Jessica’s start at preschool will be soon enough that you can look ahead to that. I do understand your mixed feelings, but she and you will do just fine I’m sure. Your blogging goals are great. I don’t have kids, but I’d love to come and read your readers’ posts from the mouths of babes. I will also be subscirbing to your blog in my feed reader. #thelist

  10. I know what you mean about making plans. It’s why I have a word for 2015 (thrive), rather than resolutions. I hope Louise enjoys school, and that the year doesn’t bring another operation for her. xxx

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