#withkindnessandlove 11 – stories of kindness and sharing some blog love

#withkindnessandlove is a weekly series which is part of my #365daysofkindness project which I am taking on during this year. Each week, I will be sharing some stories of kindness along with some things that have made me smile during the week.  Some weeks I might share a quote that has inspired me, or some suggestions for small acts of kindness that I have come across. Here are this week’s little moments of kindness and little things I have loved.

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Little moments of kindness

“A colleague of mine did something amazingly kind actually – I work in a private school and am often required to work weekends. I had worked the previous Saturday and several evenings that week when an email arrived… my colleague explained that whilst he didn’t have a family, he imagined that I would want to spend time with mine. He knew that I was meant to work the coming weekend but offered to take my place. I was incredibly touched and will not hear a bad word said against him!” (Laura – Edinburgh Life With Kids)


“I found out last year that my son (10 years old at the time) had gone on a school trip and helped his teacher around all day (the teacher had recently become blind & still adapting). He didn’t leave his side, wasn’t bothered his friends went off without him, but instead guided him around, described things & helped him through the tricky parts. He didn’t tell anyone about it then the school rang a week me or so later to say he was going to receive an award for the kindness shown! I was so proud of him.” (Natalie – Hello Cuppies)


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Sharing some blog love

A blog post that I loved

Motherhood: The Real Deal shared a wonderful list of all the different things that it means to be a women. There were so many inspiring comments from a host of different bloggers as they shared a list of things from A to Z. I identified with so many of the things on the list – it was a fabulous reminder of why women are awesome.


If you have any stories about being on the receiving end of an act of kindness that you’d like me to include in a future blog post, please feel free to email them to me at louise @ littleheartsbiglove.co.uk or fill in the form here.


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  1. This is fabulous as always. I love the story about the little boy helping his teacher around, what an amazing little boy, his parents must be so proud.

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