The joys of jumping in muddy puddles

The walk to preschool is the most fun thing ever at the moment as far as my two-year old is concerned. It’s just a five-minute walk but for those few minutes, the world is a wonderful place and it’s mostly because of the muddy puddles along the way.

The joys of jumping in muddy puddles - Little Hearts, Big Love

“Look, Mummy, look!” Sophie squeals within seconds of leaving the house. “Muddy puddles! Hooray!”

The joys of jumping in muddy puddles - Little Hearts, Big Love

Wellies are an essential item on the preschool walk. The girls know the rules: no wellies, no puddles. Fortunately for them, they rarely go out for walks without wellies at this time of year.


Every few seconds, I hear another happy squeal from Sophie: “Anudder one! Look, Mummy, anudder one!” There are a lot of muddy puddles between our house and preschool.

The joys of jumping in muddy puddles - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sometimes, we go out for a walk, just to find as many puddles as we can. I have to confess, I quite enjoy putting on my own wellies and joining in with the girls. Being able to be a big kid again is definitely one of the perks of having small children.


These are the moments when I stop and embrace the simple pleasures of childhood. The moments when I realise just how much joy there is to be had in the little things in life. The moments when I take my children’s hands and let them lead me right back into the wonder that is childhood. And having Mummy join in with jumping in muddy puddles too is definitely the most fun thing ever as far as my girls are concerned.

The joys of jumping in muddy puddles - Little Hearts, Big Love


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13 thoughts on “The joys of jumping in muddy puddles

  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head saying that you sometimes just have to stop and embrace the simple pleasures of childhood, and when you do you capture some lovely moments like this. Moments that make childhood
    I’m glad you’re all just kicking back a little and enjoying life – it suits you xx

  2. This could be my three year old. Every puddle she comes across must be jumped in, generally when she’s wearing inappropriate footwear too! #CountryKids

  3. This is so sweet and I really relate. I only get to do the school run once a week on my day off, but on the way back Emily loves the chance to jump in puddles. It gives her so much pleasure, that you do just have to embrace it!

  4. what an endeering post, the little moments in life like these are the ones you will look back on in years to come. This really makes me miss having young children, the girls look adorable and the wellies for walks are so sensible. Mine also lived in wellies at this age and I recall one time Clio dissolving into tears when she realised she had her wellies on at the school gate on a Monday morning and not her school shoes, she must have been at least age 9! Thank you for sharing the joy of your preschool walk on #CountryKids.

  5. Aww, what fun! I love Tin Box Tot’s face when she finds a muddy puddle to jump in. I’ll have to instate your no wellies, no puddles rule though. We had to buy some while we were out last week because TBT’s snow boots leaked! #countrykids

  6. What a great way to look on the bright side of rainy weather! I hope that when my boy is big enough to jump in mud puddles I can be relaxed enough to join in, but I’ll definitely need a pair of gumboots too because I hate getting wet feet.

  7. It’s so fun! My son is 2 and my daughter 1 and they both love jumping and splashing about in puddles. It encourages me to take them out when it’s raining because they aren’t bothered. The mess is a lot for me but I love seeing them enjoying themselves. Any excuse to do this right it certainly is a perk! Lovely photos too X

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