The Friday Focus – 17/10/14

This week’s word of the week has got to be:

WOTW 17-10-14

Firstly, I took the plunge at the beginning of the week and went self-hosted – launching the blog with a new name and a different design. It’s something I’d been tempted to do for a while and so far I’ve been really pleased with the increased freedom of being self-hosted.

Secondly, hubby and I are having a night out without any little ones in tow tonight – the first one since Sophie’s arrival. We’re out for a meal with some friends and I’m looking forward it.

And finally, I’m going to my first blogging event tomorrow – the Tots100 BlogCamp. I’m really looking forward to meeting other bloggers who I’ve been getting to know online over the last few months and it’s also my first day out on my own since before Sophie was born. I’m even excited about the two hour train journey each way – the prospect of two hours to sit and read, or blog, or just watch the world go by sounds utterly blissful!


Here’s a summary of how this week has been:

Out and About:

We’ve had a trip to Herschel Park to feed the ducks and collect autumn leaves, time at the playground and an afternoon at the local sling meet (where I finally managed to get confident enough with a back carry to carry Sophie on my back whilst out and about).

Friday Focus 03Friday Focus 04Fun at home:

Jessica and Sophie have been enjoying having indoor picnics with the toys and making cakes out of Duplo. We also tried to make a leaf collage but Jessica was much more interested in just smearing the glue all over the paper, sticking the leaves down and then immediately pulling them off again so it wasn’t very successful.

Friday Focus 01Friday Focus 02Time for me:

Not a lot of that this week as hubby has been away for most of it – my ‘me time’ has mostly been catching up on blogging after the girls are in bed.

My happiest moment:

Watching Sophie as she starts to get more confident with taking steps on her own – she’s now starting to stand up in the middle of the room and take steps towards the furniture. I love watching the way she seems to analyse how far away the furniture is before taking those little steps. Precious moments.

Next week I would like to:

Find time to make at least one of the cushions that I need to get finished before the beginning of December!


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24 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 17/10/14

    1. Thank you – glad you like the new look blog. I wanted to keep the logo from the old blog and so went with a name that fitted with that and the subject matter of my blog 🙂

  1. Great word and fab blog! That is a week to be excited about! I’m looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, and am a little jealous my train journey’s only 20 mins, so very limited reading time for me! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you – on the plus side though you won’t have to be up quite as early as I will! Really looking forward to meeting lots of lovely bloggers – hope to see you there! Lovely to link up with #WotW as always 🙂

  2. Ooh I went self-hosted this week too but I didn’t really manage to focus on much else at all the way you have! I guess I became a little bit obsessed! I like all your little hearts! X #wotw

    1. Thank you so much – it seems to be a good week for going self-hosted, there have been a few of us making the plunge this week! Easy to get obsessed – I’ve been working behind the scenes on mine for a few weeks whilst I was playing with layout and plugins 🙂

  3. Wow! It sounds like you have every reason to be excited!!
    Going self-hosted scares me…..I will just stick to what I know….hehehe
    Have a day tomorrow and enjoy your meal!!

    1. Thanks Kim – had a lovely day out at blog camp and am enjoying being self-hosted so far 🙂

  4. Well done for going self hosted. I love your new blog name: it quite simply sums up everything you write about and matches your loving mummy style perfectly! Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! Xx

    1. Thank you Mel – was so lovely to meet you yesterday and your little Wriggly is so gorgeous – she made me quite broody! 🙂

  5. Sophie looks snug as a bug in that sling. 🙂 I loved carrying Bubs on my back (we had an ErgoBaby Sport) as she used to hug my neck and giggle in my ear.

    Well done on going self-hosted. I took the plunge in August and I’m so glad I did. Your blog design is lovely! Vx

    1. Thank you – I love carrying my little ones. Hoping to get myself an Ergo for Christmas as I think it will be more comfortable as Sophie gets bigger. Enjoying going self hosted and glad you like my blog design too 🙂

  6. Aww I love indoor picnics!! We have had a few this week too with the bad weather! I went self hosted last month, it is great knowing that you can do whatever you like!
    Thank you so much for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky, hope to see you again next week!! xx

    1. Thank you, indoor picnics are so much fun. Glad you are enjoying being self-hosted too – feels great not having so many restrictions. Lovely to link up with #HappyDaysLinky this week 🙂

  7. Eeek, well done for taking the plunge and going self-hosted, something I’m too scared to do.

    I hope you had fun at Blogcamp and learnt lots. I just booked my ticket for blogfest next month and I’m so nervous about it.

    Fab post – thanks for linking up with #happydays

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thank you – am loving being self-hosted so far and would recommend it – lots of online help out there to ease the process. Blogcamp was great too – the workshops were great but the best part was being able to meet up with lots of other bloggers. Am sure you will have a lovely time at Blogfest. Lovely to link up with #happydays 🙂

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