The Friday Focus 01/02/19 – Starting solids

Thomas turned six months on Saturday and we have started weaning him. We’re doing a mixture of purées and baby-led weaning which worked well with the girls. Thomas seems to be enjoying his first tastes of food so far although he does pull the funniest faces on the first couple of spoonfuls.


The word "weaning" with the 'g' forming a high chair for a cartoon Thomas to sit in and a cartoon Mummy spoon-feeding him - "The Friday Focus 01/02/19"


Sophie has been very keen to help feed Thomas. We’ve drummed it in to her though that she must never try and give Thomas anything to eat or drink unless Mummy or Daddy are there watching her and have told her she can. It is lovely that she enjoys helping with her little brother and Thomas certainly seems very happy with it too!


Sophie feeding Thomas



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie receiving her Silver Reading Raccoon certificate (50 books) and an Award of the Week for looking after the well-being of herself and others.


Sophie with her Silver Reading Raccoon certificate and her Award of the Week certificate


  • Listening to Thomas lying on his playmat and chuckling away to himself.


  • Watching Sophie having fun at a friend’s birthday party.


Sophie looking through a jelly-fish cut-out


  • Sophie’s delight at seeing her best friend from preschool at the local panto and then getting to have a playdate with her. She’s also very excited that R will be going to her ballet class tonight.


  • The beauty of frosty mornings and getting out for walks with Thomas.


  • Sophie making a den for her and Thomas using blankets to cover his playmat.


Sophie and Thomas inside their playmat den


  • A rare mid-week evening with hubby home in time for dinner and getting to enjoy dinner with all of us at the table, including Thomas.



12 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 01/02/19 – Starting solids

  1. Oh my goodness just look at the way Thomas is looking at Sophie, you can see how much he adores her ! It’s so lovely that she wants to help, she’s looking so grown up. It sounds like you’ve had lots of reasons to smile this week x #wotw

    1. Thank you, it’s been a fairly positive week on the whole. Lovely to watch Sophie wanting to help with Thomas 🙂

  2. That photo of Sophie feeding Thomas totally melted my heart. I’m glad Thomas is doing well with his weaning, he’s growing so quick. Well done Sophie on her reading certificate and award of the week. thanks for joining in with #Wotw xx

    1. Thank you, he certainly is growing quickly. Can’t believe he is six months old already!

  3. Oh my goodness! How is Thomas six months old already. Time flies.
    Sophie is such a wonderful big sister. What a great help. They are so cute together.

    1. It has gone by so quickly! Sophie is really lovely with him, it is so lovely to watch her 🙂

  4. It has really flown Thomas is really growing up, I do love the weaning stage its so lovely, well done Sophie thats such a great achievement and so glad you all got to share a dinner together its such a wonderful time of day x

    1. He is certainly growing up quickly. It was so lovely to be able to include him at dinner x

  5. Good move to make sure Sophie knows to not feed Thomas when you are not around. The thought! Weaning is such a funny stage. They want the food like they see everyone else having and then they pull faces. How lovely that Sophie received two awards. That really is a photo that I can’t help smiling at. Very creative to make the play mat into a den. So sweet playing together. I can imagine how something as normal as having your husband back in time for a family meal, during the week, can be. Hope you have a wonderful week. #wotw

  6. I can’t believe Thomas is already six months old! It’s so lovely that Sophie wants to help. I love the den she made, that was one of my favourite things to do when I was little 🙂 #WotW

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