40 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 08/01/17

  1. Oh my Louise… there’s a blogger if ever I saw one and so cute.
    I love that penguin fleece. Now you better go and check who she is ringing… hopefully it won’t be long distance!

    1. Lol, could have a lot of fun with a toddler on the end of a call centre phone! πŸ™‚

  2. Just awesome, clearly very keen to enter the world of work. I now want you to imagine what would happen if your little one had the password to that PC! Happy new year! #MySundayPhoto

  3. That is such a cute picture – whenever I used to go into my office, the boys used to love swinging on the chairs and testing that the phones worked – such great fun x

  4. Hi Louise, what a lovely photo! She looks well into her conversation….. We have that exact same screen saver on our PC too.


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