Snow day fun: spotting snowflakes

On the few occasions we get snow in the winter, it tends to be the wet kind of snow that is just right for snowball fights and making snowmen. This week’s snowfall has been dry powdery snow. It might not be good for making snowmen, but it was perfect for being able to take a closer look and see if we could spot individual snowflakes.


Sophie taking a closer look at the snowflakes with her travel microscope - "Snow day fun: spotting snowflakes"


I have to admit I’ve never looked closely enough to see a snowflake before, so I was just as excited as Sophie when we spotted our first snowflake. Sophie’s little travel microscope was perfect for taking a closer look and admiring the intricate, delicate beauty of the snowflakes, although we could see them clearly enough without it.


Sophie looking closely at the snow on her slide


We only had a light dusting of snow which also made it easier to spot individual snowflakes, especially on some of the darker surfaces.


Thomas was more interested in brushing the snow away or squishing it which Sophie found a little frustrating at times. Thankfully there were one or two spots out of his reach where we could take our time over looking closely.


Thomas looking at the snow on the slide


It was fascinating to be able to see so many of them. They were absolutely beautiful. Here are some of the different ones we spotted around the garden:


Six pictures showing close up images of snowflakes


Once we’d finished looking at the snowflakes, the children had fun running around and playing in the snow together. It wasn’t the right kind of snow to make good snowballs but it was still fun to throw.


Sophie throwing snow at Thomas


We’d made an ice sun-catcher a few days earlier which had been waiting in the freezer for some colder weather. With the temperatures staying below freezing, it was the perfect time to hang it out in the garden.


Sophie and Thomas with their ice suncatcher hanging in the tree above them


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6 thoughts on “Snow day fun: spotting snowflakes

  1. What a great idea. I don’t think I have ever looked at a snowflake closely. It looks like the kids were so interested in the snow. Fantastic photos x

  2. I just love the snow! We’ve been waiting for it all week with sledges at the ready, but to no avail. A few tiny flakes floated past this afternoon and I fear that was our full quota before half term rain takes over.

    Snowflakes are so beautiful, and with the powers of modern zoom technology, examining them in detail is a fabulous idea. I shall be trying it myself if the weather permits. We did manage to get some good sweeping frost circles. #CountryKids

    1. Ah what a shame you only had a few flakes. It was amazing being able to take a closer look at the snowflakes.

  3. Even a little bit of snow makes all the difference and cheers everyone up. I just loved seeing all the icicles on the bushes this time.

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