Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers

We’ve been focusing on sea-themed crafts over the past week, creating a variety of fish and other sea creatures out of paper plates, plastic cups and bottles and toilet roll tubes. These crafts are perfect for preschoolers. Most of these have been quite easy to make, although one or two have required a little more extra adult help.


A collage of sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - including a whale, turtles, a crab, octopus, fish, seahorse, jellyfish and starfish.


1. Whale

The whale was made from a paper plate, with the bottom cut off to make the tail. We added a piece of cardboard for the bubbles coming out of the top of the whale. Another piece of cardboard was used to attach the whale’s tail.


Paper-plate whale: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


2. Crab

The crab was made from the bottom half of a plastic cup which had been painted red. We then punched some holes to pass pipe-cleaners through to make the crab’s legs and eyes and added googly eyes and cardboard claws.


Plastic cup crab: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


3. Turtles

The turtle was made from a paper bowl with tissue paper squares glued on for the shell. We then added cardboard shapes for the flippers and head. The second turtle’s flippers were cut out of another paper plate. The ridges of the paper plate look quite effective. You could also paint the bowl green before adding the tissue paper.


{Paper-bowl turtles: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


4. Octopus

The octopus was made from a toilet roll tube. The tube was painted first. We then made vertical cuts in the bottom half to form the tentacles. Finally, we glued orzo pasta shapes on to the tentacles to finish off the octopus. Rice or lentils would also work quite well here too.


Toilet-roll octopus: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


5. Fish

We made two different types of fish for our sea themed crafts. The paper plate fish have a triangle shape cut out which was then attached to make the fish’s tail. These were very easy to make. We made a few of these. Some were made using coloured plates, others with painted ones. We also added stickers, tissue paper or crayon scribbles to decorate our fish.


Paper-plate fish: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


The other fish were made through cutting out cardboard fish shapes which were covered with kitchen foil. These were then decorated using coloured marker pens.


Foil fish: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


6. Seahorse

The seahorse was created by cutting a seahorse shape out of a paper bowl (using the ridges to form the spine of the seahorse) and then adding a googly eye and stickers to decorate.


Paper-plate seahorse: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


7. Jellyfish

The jellyfish is made from cutting off the bottom of a clear plastic bottle.  I then punched holes in it for threading ribbons through. Jessica found it very fiddly to thread the ribbons through though. She needed a lot of help from Mummy to make this one. You could substitute the ribbons for pipe cleaners which would simpler for little hands.


Plastic bottle jellyfish: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


8. Starfish

The starfish were made by cutting out starfish shapes out of yellow cardboard and gluing on orzo pasta shapes.


Both Jessica and Sophie had a lot of fun creating various sea creatures. Whilst Mummy’s help was needed with cutting out shapes, the girls could do most of the gluing and decorating themselves. Jessica also enjoyed creating a sea picture using foam shapes.


A collage of photos showing Jessica and Sophie creating their sea creatures: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love


It was fun having a theme for our crafts across the week. This is definitely something that I’d like to try doing more often.


Our dining room door with all our sea-themed creatures stuck to it.


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  1. These look amazing!! Well done, they are beautiful! Thanks for linking up to #imaginationmatters and I look forward to seeing if you have anything for the “Summer” theme next week!

  2. What a fantastic crafty week. Those crafts are so simple, but look good fun to make. I love the crab and jelly fish. #Minicreations

  3. What fantastic crafts! I love that you made them out of household items. The crab and the octopus are my favourites, they made me smile they are just so cute! #KidsCorner x

  4. These are great! We made fish and an octopus family recently, in fact the octopus one is written up and scheduled 🙂 Love the jelly fish and the crab!

  5. Brilliant – the crab is by far my favourite 😀 – lovely loads of ideas I suspect we will try at some point in the future. Thanks for sharing #KidsCorner

  6. How fun! I love the display…that is the nursery nurse and preschool teacher coming out of me!!!!


  7. Lucas says – Oh WOW!!!!! These crafts are making me soooooo excited about my holiday. I can’t wait to see the sea again. I really think the Jellyfish is AWESOME. My Dad’s scared of Jellyfish but please don’t tell anyone I told you that!!! Thanks for linking to #minicreations. You guys ROCK as always 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness how adorable. I love these! So much personality from a little plate! 😀
    I love the jellyfish. This is so creative. xx


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