Rickmansworth Aquadrome

One of the things I love about Country Kids is that it has encouraged me to visit lots of new outdoor spaces in my local area. As a result weekends now usually find me racking my brains to think of somewhere new we can visit. A few weeks ago, we decided to visit Rickmansworth Aquadrome, a 41 hectare local nature reserve, about a 30 minutes’ drive away from our house, which sounded like it would be a nice place for a walk.

An afternoon at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big Love

We started off in the café as we’d arrived at lunchtime and the girls were hungry. The food was a little on the expensive side but was freshly made and very yummy. As we made our way to a vacant table, we walked past a couple of familiar looking faces – two friends of ours from our university days who we hadn’t seen for about ten years! It turned out that they didn’t live in the area either – they were meeting up with family who lived the other side of London and it was the halfway point for them. Although we didn’t get to chat for very long, it was lovely to have a brief catch up again.


Rickmansworth Aqudrome has two lakes – Bury Lake and Batchworth Lake – which were created through extracting gravel which was used to build the original Wembley stadium. I found this fact particularly interesting as the mounds at Northala Fields, another new place we have explored recently, were built from the rubble after that stadium was demolished.

Twisted trees at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big Love

We decided to take a walk around Batchworth Lake and head towards the play area on the other side. It was lovely to watch Jessica and Sophie wandering along, hand in hand, enjoying being able to explore while we kept a careful watch to make sure they didn’t stray off the path and get too close to the water!

Two little girls walking hand in hand at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big Love

As expected, the play area was a big hit with the girls. It is quite interesting to watch them both exploring now and see how different they are in their approach. Sophie has no fear at all and will happily try to climb and explore everything in her path whereas Jessica is much more wary and will hesitate if a bridge is too wobbly or a slide is too high for her liking.

Exploring the play area at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big LoveExploring the play area at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big Love

The same is true when they go on the swings, which they both love. Sophie just loves going as high as we are willing to push her whereas Jessica will tell you straight away if you are pushing her too high – “I doesn’t like it, Mummy”- usually quickly followed by a request to get off the swing.

Exploring the play area at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big LoveExploring the play area at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big Love

There was an outdoor gym area which hubby enjoyed and Jessica tried to sit on a few of the machines although didn’t seem very sure about it all!

The outdoor gym at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big LoveThe outdoor gym at Rickmansworth Aquadrome - Little Hearts, Big Love

We spent quite a long time in the play area and by the time we left the girls were getting quite tired so we decided just to walk back and retrace our steps to the car park rather than continue the route around the lake. I’ve noticed on the Aquadrome information leaflet that there is an easy access nature trail which sounds like it would be worth exploring next time we visit.

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25 thoughts on “Rickmansworth Aquadrome

  1. I just love that Country Kids is inspiring you to get out and about together at the weekends, seriously this has made my day! What a coincidence bumping into old friends like that quite unexpected. Sounds like it is a popular place to visit and judging by the photos of the girls they had a great time on those swings. Outdoor gym equipment is fun too, we have some here at coombe Mill though I must admit it is the children who like to test it most. Thank you for sharing your lovely day on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you Fiona – I love feeling inspired to get out and about and explore new places so thank you for hosting a linky that helps encourage me to do so. We had a lovely day and the play area was so much fun! 🙂

  2. I love those outdoor exercise machines. Always fun. Your two girls look so sweet holding hands and exploring. I bet they loved the play area. Nice to be out and about. #CountryKids

    1. I love those outdoor exercise machines too – they just feel like a big playground for adults! 🙂

  3. I swore I’d read this before, but obviously not! Looks like it’s got plenty to keep the girls amusied. I worked at Maple Cross for 5 years, and lived down that way, but never made it to the aquadrome. #countrykidds

  4. It isn’t strange how you bump into people when you least expect it? We’ve done that a couple of times and it has always been great to catch up. My kids are similar too in terms of enjoying things; my son is quite fearless (scares me) whilst my daughter is the cautious one. #countrykids

    1. It was a lovely place to visit – CountryKids is great for helping get out and about isn’t it? 🙂

  5. This is what countrykids have done to me as well. Inspire me to go out and experience and document our trips outside! An amazing linky. This trip looks so much fun! I love that exercising machine and I wish we have something like that in our playgrounds =) #countrykids

    1. CountryKids is a fab linky for giving that inspiration isn’t it? Outdoor gyms are great fun 🙂

  6. How funny, I grew up in Chalfont St Peter and we used to go here often. Hadn’t thought of taking our girls there but will have to do so when we’re next at my mum’s, looks like a great playground too. Thanks for the memory jog! #countrykids

    1. Ah Chalfont St Peter is a lovely village – we did a treasure trail there last year. Glad it brought back some happy memories 🙂

  7. Rickmansworth Aquadrome – now there’s a blast from the past! We went once, before children, when we lived in nearby Watford, and it was rammed. Great place for a walk and a play.

    1. It’s definitely become a habit here too and we’ve had so many lovely days out as a result 🙂

    1. Thank you Alexandra – love how CountryKids has inspired me to visit so many different places. Hope you get your second car and can get out and about soon x

  8. Oh no, I can’t believe that you went to the Aquadrome without us! My four would have loved to meet Jessica and Sophie. You have to promise to send me a text next time you visit one of my local parks!

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