Making new friends at Rickmansworth Aquadrome

One of the things I love most about blogging is the friends that I have made because of it. It’s even nicer when those friends live within a reasonable distance and we have the opportunity to meet up outside of blog events.  During the October half-term break, I met up with the lovely Mel from Le Coin de Mel and we got to meet each other’s children for the first time too.


Mel from Le Coin de Mel with three of her children and Jessica and Sophie at Rickmansworth Aquadrome

We arranged to meet up at Rickmansworth Aquadrome, a local nature reserve, which has two lakes (created from extracting gravel which was then used to build the original Wembley stadium) and is a lovely spot for a walk.  The café also serves very delicious meals and was the perfect place to meet and have brunch together before heading outside. By the time we had finished brunch, Mel’s four children (known as Crevette, Beanie, Jumpy and Wriggly on her blog) and my two had overcome their initial shyness and were happily getting to know each other and looking at books together.

Five children heading off together at Rickmansworth Aquadrome

Jessica was quite taken with Crevette and as we headed outside for a walk, she reached for his hand and they headed off hand-in-hand together.  Mel and I enjoyed chatting as the children ran ahead of us – our view for much of the walk was the backs of six children happily exploring together and enjoying being out and about.

Mel and four children stopping to watch the geese in the lake

We made our way towards one of the lakes where we stopped for a while to watch the geese before the children were keen to move on again.

Mel taking a photo of Jessica, Sophie and Jumpy watching the geese

Jessica got a little tired after a while and wanted to ride in Mel’s buggy. Crevette was quite happy to push her along in it!

Crevette pushing Jessica along in the buggy

Once we were back by the lake again though, the lure of the water’s edge helped to overcome Jessica’s tiredness.  She had a wonderful time “fishing” with a big stick she’d picked up and then she and Sophie decided to paddle in the shallow water at the edge of the lake. Thank goodness for wellies and puddlesuits!

Jessica "fishing" in the lake

Jessica having a paddle in the lake

After our walk around the aquadrome, Mel recommended a trip to Sweet as a Button, a wonderful little sweetshop in nearby King’s Langley. The girls were in seventh heaven as I handed them a little bucket each and let them fill it from the tubs of pick ‘n’ mix. I couldn’t resist filling another bucket for myself! I’ve made a mental note to come back sometime with hubby, who has a very sweet tooth and would love it as much as the girls!

Jessica and Sophie choosing some sweets at Sweet as a Button in King's Langley

A delicious brunch, a lovely walk in the fresh air, a trip to a sweetshop and getting to catch up with one of my blogging friends while the girls enjoyed making some new friends – what a wonderful way to spend a day!


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23 thoughts on “Making new friends at Rickmansworth Aquadrome

  1. Awwww, love you guys! I’ve just ‘relived’ our day from your perspective, love it! I’m going to Sweet as a Button on Monday, I’ll mention your post to Miranda. xxxx

    1. Thank you Mel – it was such a fun day out wasn’t it? Looking forward to hopefully meeting up again sometime in the new year x

  2. What a fab day out, I love meeting up with bloggers outside of meets you certainly have more time to chat. It’s great that Mel’s kids and yours all got on well, looking at the pictures they all look like they’ve known each other for years. It’s great that Jessica and Crevette got on so well, it’s fab that he pushed Jessica in the pushchair when she needed a rest too, so sweet.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Thank you Fiona. I loved seeing Crevette pushing Jessica around in the pushchair – it was so sweet and lovely to see the girls making friends with Mel’s children 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary – I do too. Would definitely recommend a visit to the sweet shop when you visit your family! 🙂

  3. Oh this sounds like such a lovely day out! I like the sound of the pick n mix too! I meet occasionally with Louise from Pink Pear Bear as she’s local. It’s always great to see her and chat blogging with someone who understands.

    1. Thanks Nat – it is lovely to meet up with local blogging friends. How lovely that you and Louise get to meet up occasionally too 🙂

  4. It is so lovely that you were able to meet up with Mel and her children. I am glad they all got on so well! This looks like the perfect place for a walk, and the sweet shop is definitely the perfect way to finish! #CountryKids

    1. Thank you – we did have a lovely time, and yes the sweet shop was the perfect finish! 🙂

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