Outdoor play in hospital

The early part of this week was mostly spent confined to a hospital room after Jessica was admitted to hospital on Monday with low oxygen sats and a chest infection. With Jessica feeling poorly and needing a little oxygen to help bring her sats back up, she wasn’t too bothered about being confined to bed – as long as there were jigsaw puzzles, drawing boards and Daddy’s iPad to help keep her entertained. By Wednesday morning, she was much better and eager to go and explore the playroom while we were waiting to be discharged. She happily played with all the different toys, did some painting and made some pictures and then we spotted the garden outside and some play equipment.

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love

It wasn’t a very big area but there was a swing, a climbing frame and slide, some sit-on toy vehicles, a toy kitchen and Little Tikes climbing frame and slide for small children and a couple of seating areas.

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica headed for the climbing frame first, making her way across the wooden bridge and back again before deciding that the slide was too “scary” (she’s a bit timid when it comes to slides at the moment) and making a beeline for the various toy vehicles instead.

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love

Some of them were probably a little bit on the small side for her but that didn’t put her off trying them all in turn.

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love

She particularly enjoyed riding the aeroplane along the hopscotch grid drawn on the ground and counting the numbers as she went along.

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love

We were only outside for about ten minutes or so but it was so good just to have that time in the fresh air, and to be able to enjoy a little outdoor fun despite being in the hospital.

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love
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18 thoughts on “Outdoor play in hospital

  1. I bet that was the best ten minutes though. Just nice to get outside and do the normal things. We have a painted number snake in the playground and I’m always amazed how popular it seems to be. Hope she is better. #CountryKids

    1. She did indeed Sarah – it was lovely to see her looking so much brighter and enjoying playing outside even if it was just for a short time.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear that Jessica was poorly. How lovely that the hospital had that outside play area though. Looks like she had lots of fun on it #countrykids

    1. Thank you Midgie – she is much better now and pretty much back to her usual happy self 🙂

  3. so sorry to hear she has been back in hospital, glad all is OK again and I am always amazed how quickly children perk back up, she looks like she was more than ready to go and investigate the little playground and what a sensible use of the space by the hospital. I remember all to well being in with Felix at about the same age with a bad asthma attack, when he was feeling better but not yet discharged we went blackberry picking together along the hedgerows of the hospital, he still remembers it now at age 15, I wonder if Jessica will look back and remember playing in the hospital playground? Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. I love the sound of blackberry picking along the hospital hedgerows – what a nice way of managing to get off the ward for a brief time. It’s lovely to have the outdoor space off the children’s ward and to have that opportunity to get out in the fresh air for a while.

    1. Thank you Kim – it was lovely to be able to get outside even if it was just for a short time 🙂

  4. Glad she’s back on the mend now. You never think that hospitals have nice play areas (or any), so that one’s quite good.

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