From the mouths of babes – August 2020

From the mouths of babes is an occasional feature capturing some of the things my children say. It originally started as a weekly linky but as this gradually fizzled out, I stopped recording those little sayings and found I missed it. One of the things that I love about my blog is that it has captured so many little moments that I might otherwise have forgotten about. This little round-up is my way of capturing some more of them.


Sophie and Thomas playing in the tuff tray in the garden - "From the mouths of babes - August 2020"


Sophie says…

Sophie on the virus

“I’m so excited that Nanny can come and visit because you asked the people in charge of the virus if we could see Nanny and they said that we could!”


Sophie on wishes

“I wish I was a fairy or a genie and could have three wishes. My first wish would be for Jessica to be alive again. My second wish would be to make the virus go away and my third wish would be for three machines – a hot chocolate making machine, a squirty cream machine and a marshmallow routine.”


“I wish we could turn back time so we could see Jessica again.”


Sophie on haircuts

“I’m not going to let Mummy cut my hair because she won’t do a very good job of it and I don’t want to look wonky and silly.”


Sophie on the importance of having breakfast

“Mummy you must have had breakfast this morning because you’re not angry.”


Thomas talks…


So-dee = Sophie

Cyroo = cereal (Jessica had the same way of saying cereal)


I love the way that Thomas will say “stuck!” when he can’t get to where he wants to be, e.g. if the stair gate is in the way, or if something is too high for him to reach.

If he needs his nappy changed, sometimes he will lie down on the sofa and say “smelly bum!”.

The other day Thomas was running across the sofa and threw himself face-down on the cushions. He then turned round to me with a big grin on his face and said, “your turn!”



Memories of Jessica

This little video clip of Jessica was taken on our day out at Upton House during her last summer. She decided to put on a little show for me, and as she always did when performing, she finished with a bow. We used the clip of that bow to end her memorial video shown at her funeral. It felt like the right way to finish – Jessica taking her very last bow. How I miss days out like this with her. She was so much fun.



Little Hearts, Big Love

2 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes – August 2020

  1. Aww! So lovley to see this back!
    Sophie sounds such a character. I do like the sound of her three machines for hot chocolate. hehehe and Thomas sounds so cute.
    The video clip of Jessica is just adorable. x

    1. Thanks Kim. Sophie is so funny with the things she says. I loved the sound of her three machines too x

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