From the mouths of babes #44

From the mouths of babes is a weekly linky which invites you to share a post, old or new, about something your children have said. Those adorable mispronounced words, the glimpses into their imaginations, the blunt observations – whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it!


A big thank you to everyone who linked up last week. A Strong Coffee made me chuckle with her little man’s alternative means of displaying affection after his declaration that he “no like kisses from boys” – her post shares not just a #ftmob moment but also one of those phrases that you find yourself saying as a parent that you never ever could have imagined yourself saying. I also loved Birds and Lilies‘ list of the latest things that Ava has been saying – particularly her comment about “you’ll bring the good and I’ll bring the crazy” – the list of sayings is certainly a fabulous mixture of both good and crazy!


From the mouths of babes #44 - The little things they say - Little Hearts, Big Love

It’s the little things that the girls say that make me smile and there have been a few this week that I have loved.


Sophie giving herself a round of applause on managing to do a four-piece jigsaw with a very proud: “Ta-da! Well done me!”


Sophie opening her cards and presents on her birthday and her wide-eyed “oh wow!” each time she caught a glimpse of what was behind the wrapping paper. I also loved the way that she studied each card so intently before handing it to the nearest person and requesting that they “read it!”


Overhearing Jessica trying to teach Sophie French:

“Look Sophie, un manteau and un chapeau

As they were playing with dollies, I thought she might be using the dolls’ clothes to demonstrate but no, she was holding up a couple of plastic bowls instead. So much for me thinking that my child had suddenly become a linguistic genius. Although it is entirely possible that a bowl could become un chapeau


The squeals of excitement from both girls when pulling up outside the carvery and Sophie’s delighted shout:

“Hooray! I love dinner!”

I had fed them that day, honest!


The latest adorable Sophie-ism: “tee-tall” for “turtle”.


And my favourite moment of the week has been the repeated grabbing my face, looking into my eyes and declaring “luz you, Mummy”. Sophie does this a lot at the moment and I absolutely love it. Hubby has also had his fair share of adoring “luz you, Daddy” moments too.



If you have any posts about something that your children have been saying lately, please do come and link up. The linky opens each Monday from 6am and closes on Friday at 11pm so there is plenty of time to link up your posts (old and new posts are welcome!). Please add the badge below to your post so others know where they can also link up (the badge code is below). I will also try and share posts via Twitter – please use the hashtag #ftmob and I’ll do my best to retweet them. I also have a Pinterest board and will be sharing posts here too.

Looking forward to reading what your little ones have been saying this week.


Little Hearts, Big Love
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18 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes #44

  1. I love the luz you mummy! That’s so cute. It’s so wonderful when they start saying I love you off their own backs . Zach does it a lot now – he often says to us both, I love you and I love you while pointing both of us out! But when he says I love you mummy, just as he’s falling off to sleep, that’s the best 🙂 love the prounounciation of turtle too! Thanks so much for hosting #ftmob

    1. Thanks Lisa – those sleepy “I love you”s are just wonderful aren’t they? Glad that Zach is saying it a lot too 🙂

  2. Linking up for the first time – thank you for hosting! I’m glad Sophie had a good birthday and I’m very impressed that she opens her cards as well as her presents. Susie never bothers with the card – it’s straight to the pressies while I open the cards! xx #ftmob

    1. I think a lot of children are the same – both mine are fascinated by cards though! Thanks for linking up, lovely to have you join in 🙂

  3. I love reading all of the adorable things your daughters say! This is such a gorgeous linky. One of my absolute favs! I don’t think I have anything to link up this week. I’ll keep an ear out for particularly cute things though just in case. I’ll check out some of the other posts though… always good for smiles!

    1. Thank you Kyles, so glad that you like the linky – I always love reading the funny and adorable things that little ones say and glad that you enjoy reading them too! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the mention. I love that you can praise yourself when you are little without it sounding big headed. I would love to come out of the kitchen and say Ta-dah after making tea 🙂

    1. Oh wouldn’t that be good – I can just imagine doing that myself! Think my hubby might worry I’d gone a bit loopy though! 🙂

  5. Hey sweetie, I’m so pleased with myself for remembering to link up today, yay! There’s only a short conversation between my oldest 2, but hey 🙂

    Love Jessica for teaching Sophie some French, even if she’s calling a bowl a coat, who cares? If they’re enthusiastic about speaking another language now, they might become linguists later on, who knows!

    “luz you” is such a sweet way to declare her love for you guys!


    1. Thanks Mel – it is lovely that she is picking up some words even if the translation isn’t quite there yet! The First Words in French DVD is a favourite of hers and she and Sophie will often wander around singing “Frère Jacques” 🙂

  6. Aww what sweeties! My toddler does the face grabbing & looks into your eyes & says ‘I love you’ or ‘you’re so beauty’ too! It’s lovely. & intently studying cards and books & then asking you to read them! Love the tee-tall & well done me! #ftmob

    1. Those affectionate moments are just wonderful aren’t they? I love “you’re so beauty” – that’s the most adorable compliment ever 🙂

    1. I loved the “well done me” too – it was lovely to see how pleased with herself she was 🙂

  7. OH what a fun linky party 🙂 Kids say adorable and silly things – the dinner one especially, as if you didn’t feed the kids that day heh. Awesome.

    1. Thank you Julie – the dinner one did make me chuckle, it did sound like she hadn’t been fed all day! 🙂

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