From the mouths of babes #40

From the mouths of babes is a weekly linky which invites you to share a post, old or new, about something your children have said. Those adorable mispronounced words, the glimpses into their imaginations, the blunt observations – whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it!


A big thank you to everyone who linked up last week. I loved reading about Pickles and Pord’s son running away and hiding from his hand and Inside Martyn’s Thoughts sharing his boys’ musings on the film Return to Oz and breakfast on the go.


From the mouths of babes #40 - Jessica-isms - Little Hearts, Big Love

Now that Jessica is older, we have lost many of those adorable little mispronunciations of words. Even so often though, we still get an occasional one and this week has seen a couple of new Jessica-isms appearing:


“Flaminal” = flannel. “I need my flaminal for my eyes, Daddy” (whilst having her hair washed).

“Stand-on” = the step stool that she uses to reach the sink. “No, Sophie, that’s my stand-on!”


Last week, when we were staying at Nanny’s house, she made my mum chuckle by informing her that she had to go home because “I have to say my bedtime prayers, Nanny, and I have to go home to do that, but I will come back afterwards.”   Bless her. We did try and reassure her that she could say her bedtime prayers anywhere and God would still hear them!



If you have any posts about something that your children have been saying lately, please do come and link up. The linky opens each Monday from 6am and closes on Friday at 11pm so there is plenty of time to link up your posts (old and new posts are welcome!). Please add the badge below to your post so others know where they can also link up (the badge code is below). I will also try and share posts via Twitter – please use the hashtag #ftmob and I’ll do my best to retweet them. I also have a Pinterest board and will be sharing posts here too.


Looking forward to reading what your little ones have been saying this week.

Little Hearts, Big Love
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22 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes #40

  1. Aww that’s so sweet that she has to go home to say her prayers. And flamingo is just adorable. It’s probably tempting to keek saying “pardon?” Just so she repeats it!

    1. My mum loved that one – she’s been telling all her friends about it all week! Flaminal is definitely my new favourite word for flannel 🙂

  2. Love the flaminal! Aww better not try to do Christmas Eve prayers away from home – she’ll be concerned about confusing God AND Father Christmas! #ftmob

  3. Awww loving the flaminal, sounds better than flannel. I also love that she wants to say her prayers- what an adorable little girl, shows how amazing of a mum you are, Louise. xx

    I’ve finally linked up this week. You’re right, as our kids grow older we lose the funny and mispronounced words. I have that with Olivia but, all I get now are the side kick words from her. lol

    Thank you for hosting. xx

    1. Aww thanks Melody – it is sad to start losing the mispronunciations but then you do get some of the funny sayings too. I love the things that Olivia says – she always makes me chuckle.

    1. I love “imputer” – that’s a great word. My two just call it a “puter” which sounds less cute.

  4. Hi Louise, I wish I had kept note of the mispronunciations my children used to come up with when they were little, one I do remember is when one of my children referred to the spikes on a hedgehog as spikels.
    Even now my daughter will mispronounce an unfamiliar word in English, but she knows it as soon as she’s said it, but we do have a laugh.


    1. I like spikels – sounds much more fun than “spikes”. I do love reading about the things that children say and it is nice to keep track of the things the girls come out with too 🙂

  5. Aww really cute when they make.up kinda of.their own word.
    Thank you X

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