Friday Focus 29/05/20 – Making the most of the sunshine

We’ve been enjoying spending lots of time out in the garden making the most of the glorious sunshine this week. It’s been nice to sit out there with the laptop and work outdoors while Sophie and Thomas run around and play. We’ve had most of our meals outdoors and enjoyed the first barbecue of the year. The roses are all in bloom, seedlings have started to appear from some of the veg that we’ve planted recently and we’ve picked the first of the wild strawberries in the garden. I’m so glad that we’re able to enjoy the garden and spend so much time outdoors.

The word 'sunshine' with a sun above it


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie being given a cupcake decorating kit by Halo so that all the children could do the same activity together and share over our Halo WhatsApp group.


  • Listening to music from my university days and dancing around the kitchen.


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having a wonderful time splashing about and getting soaked after experimenting with which things float and sink.


Sophie and Thomas splashing in the tuff tray


  • How trusting my hubby is asking me to cut his hair after I’d only just stopped being mad at him. I have to confess hacking at his head with scissors was very therapeutic and the haircut turned out okay too.


  • Baking scones with Sophie and enjoying them with jam and cream.


Sophie brushing milk on scones before they go in the oven


  • The content for the church newsletter exactly fitting the space I had for it without me having to play around with the layout and spacing.


  • Sophie’s delight at being given a bag of Build a Bear clothes from one of my church friends.


Sophie with an assortment of Build a Bear outfits



Sophie and Thomas playing together with a farm scene set up in the tuff tray


  • Sophie and Thomas sitting at the piano together.


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 29/05/20 – Making the most of the sunshine

  1. The sunshine has been absolutely glorious! Haven’t we been so lucky to get this weather almost constantly 🙂 I have to admit though, I overheat so quickly that I enjoy most of it through the window, but I’m certainly not complaining! I love that the build a bear now has a Christmas outfit for the summer months. What a trend setter! 😛 #wotw

    1. Oh yes I can imagine that the heat can be a bit much for you right now. Jessica and Sophie were autumn babies and Thomas arrived on the hottest day of the year so I had the joys of being heavily pregnant in hot weather with all three of them! Hope you are managing to find ways to stay cool while still enjoying the sunshine.

  2. The sunshine always makes things look better. I love all your photos but now I really, really want some scones…time to get baking 🙂

  3. I have jam and cream. I need to make scones too. It is fabulous all the outside time you’ve had. The Tuff trays came out just after my three were little, so we didn’t have one, but always though how useful they must be. Thomas and Sophie really are having a lot of fun. Love the image of you dancing around the kitchen. You deserve some kind of certificate or medal for fitting the content into the church newsletter. I’ve seriously wasted so much time doing similar documents. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Looks like another scorcher. #wotw

    1. Most of the time it takes me ages to edit the content to make it fit properly so it was a wonderful feeling to have it all slot in place without needing to do that. I can’t imagine it will happen again but it was nice to experience it once!

  4. It has been lovely this past week. I would love to sit out in the garden but it gets the sun all day and I find it far too hot. We did have a BBQ though. Yum!
    It sounds like you have had a lovely week. I love the photo of Thomas and Sophie splashing about and Sophie looks such a professional making those scones x

    1. Our garden does too – having the gazebo up has helped though as it gives us a nice area of shade.

  5. Ah that looks like so much fun. We’ve been making the most of the sunshine too, playing tunes from my past while we recreate our own music festival with bubbles, teepees and bubble wands. It’s been amazing. I’d planned to go term term working from September so I can have the holidays with my son when he starts school and I’m so glad I am. If this is what summers will look like, bring it on!

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