Friday Focus 29/04/22 – Routine

Back to school and preschool this week and all the rushing about that comes with our normal term-time routine. It’s been nice to have a little bit of me-time again in the mornings although our afternoons are usually very hectic trying to get to various activities.


The word 'routine' with a clock as the 'o'


We’ve had a slight change in the routine with one of Sophie’s dance lessons changing location. I got a bit mixed up with where she needed to be and ended up going to the wrong place – thankfully we were running early and so were only a couple of minutes late getting to the right place!


Rehearsals for the music hall show that I’m doing are starting to ramp up – we did our first full run-through this week. I need to work out a routine with the cane for one of my solo numbers. I’ve been making it up as I go along so far but I think I’d feel more comfortable making it a little more choreographed! I’m really looking forward to being able to be back on stage again – just one month to go!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and Thomas drawing outside; Sophie with Elsa and Anna from Frozen at her friend's birthday party; Thomas and Daddy playing swingball; a view of trees from the rehearsal hall; swimming costumes on the washing line; Sophie and Thomas snuggling on the sofa under the Jessica-photo blanket; Thomas looking at house numbers while out on a walk - "#365daysofgratitude - Week 17"


  • Day 112 – I am grateful for a fun afternoon of Earth Day activities at Iver Environment Centre.


  • Day 113 – I am grateful that Sophie had a fun afternoon at her friend’s birthday party.


  • Day 114 – I am grateful for fun playing swingball.


  • Day 115 – I am grateful that it’s still daylight when I drive to rehearsal. Love the longer days.


  • Day 116 – I am grateful that my husband was working from home this afternoon so I could leave Thomas at home and go for a swim myself while Sophie had her swimming lesson.


  • Day 117 – I am grateful for snuggly sibling moments


  • Day 118 – I am grateful that looking out for the numbers on houses we pass keeps Thomas amused when out for a walk.




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Watching and listening to the birds in the garden while sitting outside having breakfast.


A parakeet on a bird feeder


  • Doing some geocaching while Sophie was at her dance classes.


  • Thomas’s impressive pen control when doing some colouring in.


Thomas colouring in pictures of insects


  • Chatting to a mum at the playground who I didn’t think I knew but then she mentioned that her son had been in Jessica’s class. I hadn’t mentioned Jessica, just that Thomas had two older sisters but she obviously remembered me. Was so nice to know that Jessica is remembered too.



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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 29/04/22 – Routine

  1. Routine is good. I have been glad of it this past week. Good luck with the music hall show. It sounds like it’s coming together nicely.
    Lovely photos! x

  2. It sounds like the kids have been having lots of fun this past week. Routine is good! So are longer days. Have a great weekend.

  3. I’ve not really felt the routine so much this week because my children were only back for two days. Everything has changed at school and it caused quite a bit of upset. At least they have a long weekend to get over it. I bet it’s really exciting getting ready to go back on stage, good luck with getting your routine sorted x

    1. Ah yes, it takes a little longer to settle back into routine when going back mid-week. Sorry that the changes at school have caused upset though, hope that this week has been ok.

  4. Oh the joy of not taking the younger siblings along to swimming lessons when someone is home. Bliss. It’s been over a decade, but I still remember the feeling! I’m stunned by your photo of the parakeet. That is an amazing visitor. It is nice to get back into the routine. How exciting that the show is not too long away. Glad Sophie is still enjoying her dance class. Muddling up the venue sounds like something I would do and have done! #wotw

    1. It was lovely to get a shot of the parakeet on the feeder. I’ve seen them in the garden once or twice but it was the first time I’d seen one on the bird feeder. We’ve got a change of venue again tomorrow for the dance class so I’ll have to try to make sure I’m in the right place this time!

  5. Glad the show’s coming on. Must be so exciting to have it back again. Great that you were able to get swimming. I would quite like to get back to it, but it seems like such a hassle to coordinate times in the evenings.

    1. Thank you, it is lovely to be back performing again. It is hard to juggle things sometimes isn’t it? Hope you can manage to find some time to fit in swimming.

  6. How lovely the school mum remembered Jessica. Is that bird visiting your garden a wild one? Only pigeons visit our garden and a random Magpie from time to time. I guess the cat and dog put others off from a visit.

    1. It’s a wild one – a ring-necked parakeet. I’ve seen them in the garden a couple of times but it was the first time I’d seen one on the bird feeder.

  7. The lighter evenings are wonderful for getting more done and enjoying the garden after school. What a colourful visitor to your bird feeder! #project365

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