Friday Focus 28/08/20 – Making

We’ve been having fun this week doing “making” as Jessica would have called it. Sophie had fun with me in the kitchen making Daddy’s birthday cake last weekend. She did most of it herself – I only helped with getting the mixture into the cake tins and in and out of the oven and spreading the frosting over the cake. I love that she enjoys baking with me. We also made a yummy fruit tart and some mini cheese tarts during the week.


The word 'making' with a doodle of a painting above the 'ma' and a cake above the 'ng'


Thomas enjoyed his first time painting this week. I spread some lining paper over the table and let the children have fun with the paints. It’s the first time that I’ve had two children sitting painting at the table together since Jessica died.


Sophie and Thomas painting at the table


I’ve been making preparations for Sophie going back to school. We ventured into town for the first time in five months to buy school shoes. I’d gone for an early shoe fitting appointment which worked well. It wasn’t too busy in town while we were shopping but the queues outside shops were building up by the time we left.


I’m making the most of these last few days together before Sophie goes back to school. The end-of-summer always brings a sense of sadness as the days of having lots of time together come to an end. It’s harder this year – we’ve had such a lovely long chunk of time together and I have to confess that I’m a little anxious about the return to school, although I do feel it is the right thing for Sophie. But it does make me quite sad to think that this time next week, she’ll be back at school and our time together will be limited again.


(l) Sophie decorating Daddy's birthday cake; (r) Sophie putting fruit on a fruit tart



Things that have made me smile this week

  • A lovely family walk around Osterley Park.


Sophie, Daddy and Thomas walking at Osterley Park


  • Seeing a beautiful rainbow.


A rainbow


  • Thomas and Sophie giggling together.


  • Seeing how helpful Sophie is with Thomas.


Sophie lifting Thomas up to help him put a ball in the marble run


  • Thomas signing ‘cake, please Mummy’ just like Jessica used to do.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/08/20 – Making

  1. I think we have been spoilt by having our children at home with us for so long. It certainly makes home education seem like a better option. But, it’s also good to see our children run off into the classroom with their school friends, especially when they are young. I’ve decided mine can go back once I’ve come out of hospital and I know everything is working out okay at school. It just doesn’t make sense to send them back with everyone else, but I’ll have to face the schools with my decision which I’m not looking forward to.
    I love your rainbow picture, always a pleasure to see. Sophie and Thomas painting and playing together are so cute. x

    1. I think you’re right – it has been lovely to have them home for so long and it’s made me more confident about my ability to home school Sophie if I need to do so.

  2. We braved the shoe shop last weekend too. I was impressed at how organised it was. I think we were in and out under 10 minutes. I’ve loved having them home with me and would quite happily keep going as we are, but I know they miss their friends.

    Love the painting photo and the cake making. Sophie looks like she knows what she is doing. I don’t think I fully appreciated how important activities like cake making are when they are this age. So many skills. Making is a good word. #wotw

    1. We were in and out in a similar amount of time. I love baking with Sophie – it is lovely to see how much enjoyment she gets from it and she learns so much from doing it.

  3. Every time you share a photo of yourself and Sophie baking it makes me so excited for the future with my own children! I love the lining paper idea too, it gives them so much freedom to be creative. I can imagine that next week will be tough, but you just know how much fun Sophie will have seeing her friends again, and coming home each afternoon to tell you all about her day! 🙂 #WotW

    1. Thank you. Baking with children is such a wonderful thing to do – I’ve always loved doing it with my girls and I’m looking forward to getting Thomas involved fairly soon as well. Lining paper is brilliant – they get to be creative and the table is well covered so there’s less mess to worry about!

  4. Aww! What a lovely week. The cake looked fab! Well done Sophie!
    The painting looks like a lot of fun. I miss my girls being little and sitting around the table doing that.
    It is going to be strange with the kids going back to school. I am going to feel rather lost without them at home. x

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