Friday Focus 25/01/19 – Snow!

We had the first snow fall of the winter this week much to Sophie’s excitement. It didn’t last very long – less than 24 hours – but she enjoyed getting out making snowmen in the garden and throwing snowballs at them. It was lovely to watch her having fun, but it did break my heart too. There should be two little girls throwing snowballs at each other in the garden.


The word snow with the 'o' being the bottom half of a snowman


Thomas wasn’t too sure about the cold white stuff in the garden. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it when he’s a bit older though!


Sophie and Thomas making snow angels


Jessica’s forever bed looked especially beautiful in the snow. Walking around GreenAcres was like stepping into Narnia. I wish that we didn’t have somewhere like this to go, but as this how things are, it helps to have such a beautiful and peaceful spot to go to.


A snowy scene at Jessica's forever bed


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Reaching a 1000-day streak on Duolingo. I made a resolution three years ago to try and improve my French and it’s been great for helping me practise a little each day.


  • Watching Sophie ride her bike around Ruislip Lido.


  • Geocache hunting in Langley Park.


Me and Thomas out for a walk in Langley Park


  • Morning snuggles.


Sophie holding Thomas on our bed


  • Getting out for a walk each day. I got a FitBit for Christmas and it’s certainly helping encourage me to get out more.


  • Sophie’s drawing of herself and Jessica with Thomas in the middle.


Sophie's drawing of herself and Jessica with Thomas in the middle



16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 25/01/19 – Snow!

  1. Ahh I love that photo of Sophie and Thomas lying in the snow! Jessica’s forever bed is looking incredibly magical, I saw your photos of GreenAcres earlier in the week, snow suits it!

    1. It was such a lovely moment to capture. GreenAcres does look especially beautiful in the snow x

  2. We haven’t had any snow yet, but I’m not jealous. I used to love snow, but I can’t bear being cold at all now. I love Sophie’s drawing, how clever she is. I love the photos of her and Thomas too. I can just imagine how much Jessica would have loved her little brother too. Thanks for joining in with #wotw xx

    1. Being cold isn’t fun – Jessica always struggled with that when it snowed. She wanted to enjoy it but the cold was often too much for her.

  3. Wow you had a good amount of snow, we only got a spattering much to the kids disappointment. I hope Sophie and Thomas had lots of fun while it lasted. Jessica’s forever bed looks lovely and peaceful in the snow. Well done on your Duolingo achievement, I would love to learn another language. Hope you have a nice weekend x #wotw

    1. Sophie certainly enjoyed it. Duolingo is a great little app for learning other languages – I’ve started learning German using it now as well.

  4. Hooray for the snow! We have had nothing but ice here this week.
    I love that photo of Sophie and Thomas laid in the snow.
    Oh wow! It does look like Narnia at Jessica’s place. Beautiful!

  5. My children love Duolingo. Eldest is doing French A level and finds it really good for vocab. Impressed by your 1000 day streak. We had no snow. I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s photos. I’m sure it will be our turn soon. Beautiful drawing of the three of them. I love our walks. I’m sure the Fitbit must be a good motivator. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

  6. Jessica’s forever bed looks so pretty in the snow, it looks like something out of a postcard. You really have chosen the perfect spot for her.

    Sophie is clearly besotted with Thomas, he has such beautiful eyes.

    Always thinking of you xxxx

  7. What a great drawing of the three of them. Love the morning snuggle picture.
    Geocaching is a great hobby to add to the walking. A fitbit is a great thing to encourage you to do a few more steps every day. #wotw

    1. I love geocaching – it does help make a walk a bit more interesting and yes the Fitbit is a very good motivator too! 🙂

  8. We haven’t had snow yet… I must be honest, I don’t want any! I’ll settle for cold and a nice crisp frost LOL!

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