Friday Focus 24/05/19 – My little superheroes

Yesterday was Superheroes Day for Sophie at school. The children in Reception have been learning about superheroes and this was an opportunity for them to come to school dressed as a superhero. Sophie has been busy this week making a superhero mask at school and a shield to go with her superhero outfit. She was very excited about getting to dress up and spent most of the week counting down to Superhero Day.


The word 'superheroes' - this week's word of the week


It made my day when Sophie decided to dress up as Jessica and go to school as “SuperSister”. I made the T-shirt for Jessica’s own Superhero Day at school. My little heart warrior was a superhero in her own right and so she went in as herself – with a T-shirt that had a heart with a scar down the middle stitched on to it and a cape that my friend made for her. Sophie once told me that her sister was her hero. It made me so happy that she still thinks of Jessica as being a superhero. I think both my girls are superheroes. Jessica for her strength at getting through all the battles she fought, her sweet nature, and the joy she brought to all who knew her – and Sophie for her courage at how she has coped so well after the loss of her sister, her charm and all the love that she has to give.


(top) Jessica dressed as "SuperJessica" with a skyline backdrop; (bottom) Sophie dressed as "SuperSister" with the same skyline backdrop


Thomas also got to dress up as SuperThomas in his Superman sleepsuit at his French class last week. They were having a superheroes themed session to help raise money for charity.


Things that have made me smile this week


  • Doing a flower arrangement at church in memory of Jessica.


My flower arrangement at church with pink gerberas, orange and pink freesias, cream roses and gypsophilia


  • Catching up with some of my university friends at a party to celebrate our friends’ 10th wedding anniversary.


Me and hubby with some of our university friends


  • Thomas laughing whilst being bounced on the bed. What a gorgeous sound a baby’s chuckle is.


  • Sophie having her face painted as a unicorn at her friend’s party.


Sophie with her face painted as a unicorn


  • Getting lots of washing out on the line!


  • Seeing the roses blooming in the garden. The Sophy’s Rose has some beautiful big blooms on it now and the Pretty Jessica roses are in bud.


  • Sophie and Thomas sitting at the piano together. Their duet might not have been very tuneful but they had fun!


Sophie and Thomas sitting at the piano together


  • Sophie hastily gathering up her toys and running away with them because Thomas made a beeline for them. It made me chuckle and reminded me so much of Jessica doing the same when Sophie was starting to get about as a baby!


12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 24/05/19 – My little superheroes

  1. A true superhero indeed. Must be very hard for a sibling to lose another sibling as their understanding is not that of an adult, and it is mega hard for an adult.
    Love the flowers and chuckled at her running away with the toys, not easy when you have a baby crawling through everything you try and do.

  2. Aww, I love that Sophie went as her Super Hero sister, she must miss her terribly, how lovely that Thomas got to dress up too. Sophie is rocking the Unicorn look and I love that photo of her and Thomas on the piano together. Hope you have a nice weekend x #WotW

  3. How lovely! Superheroes all round. It is wonderful that Sophie thinks of Jessica as her superhero. Love the outfit too. Baby chuckles are the best and good for Sophie hanging on to her toys. Our roses seem to have come into their own this week and I’m loving having the washing out on the line too. Hope you have a good weekend. Weather looks good. #wotw

  4. Aww this is just the sweetest thing. Well done Sophie for independently coming up with such a wonderful tribute to Jessica. They also look incredibly alike in those photos don’t they? It’s definitely not just the outfit that makes them look so similar!

  5. Oh my goodness, it filled my heart to see Sophie dressing up as Super Sister, how wonderful. I love your flower arrangement, and I hope you had a great time at the re-union. Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

  6. Aww…your little superhero is adorable! I loved the photo of the children at the piano. Our youngest used to play. It’s a wonderful skill to learn.

  7. What a fab word! It sounds like an exciting day at school for Sophie. It is so lovely that she dressed up as Jessica! You are right, both of your girls are superheroes!
    Well done you for raising the money for Little Hearts Matter! The flowers for church are beautiful! I love the photo of Sophie and Thomas sitting at the piano together. So cute x

  8. Aw bless Sophie that is so sweet that she wanted to go as Jessica, I bet Jessica is smiling down so chuffed and proud! I love that they try to play the piano together, well done on the fund raising and the flowers are gorgeous x

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