Friday Focus 22/03/19 – A beautiful memorial for Jessica

Jessica’s memorial is now finished and has been put in place at her forever bed. We went up to GreenAcres on Wednesday with my mum and hubby’s parents to put her memorial in place. It is such a beautiful tribute to our little girl – a wooden sculpture of her holding her favourite dolly on top of a carved book. The level of detail is amazing – her little outfit, the plaits, even the way she is sitting – it all captures Jessica so well. It was an emotional morning, but so much nicer to have the memorial there than the wooden post that has marked Jessica’s forever bed until now.


Memorial - this week's word of the week


Jessica's memorial next to a vase of daffodils at her forever bed


My mum came up to stay for a few days earlier this week. It’s always good having my mum around – she’s so good with the children and it’s just lovely to be able to enjoy her company. We have certainly missed her since she went back home.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Watching Sophie having fun with her friends at a birthday party.


  • Making Sophie laugh when I put Thomas in one of her and Jessica’s old dresses.


Sophie holding Thomas, who is wearing one of his sisters' old dresses


  • A lovely walk around Ruislip Lido.


  • Thomas holding out his arms to be picked up and starting to clap his hands.


  • Making a lighthouse with Sophie.


Sophie with the lighthouse that she made


  • Thomas’s second tooth appearing. We have two teeth at the bottom now.


  • Meeting hubby at the airport when he arrived home after another work trip away.


  • Watching a “new” video of Jessica that my sister sent to me.


  • Sophie moving up another reading level. She is now on blue books and I am amazed by how quickly her reading is coming on.


Sophie on her scooter next to my mum


  • Watching Sophie dancing away on stage at her class assembly.


9 thoughts on “Friday Focus 22/03/19 – A beautiful memorial for Jessica

  1. Oh Louise, the memorial is so beautiful and so fitting for your beautiful little girl. What a real special place it is now. When scrolling down I came to the photo of Sophie with the lighthouse lined up with the one of Jessica in your side bar (out of the mouths of babes) and I can see how very much alike they are. Thomas looks so sweet in a dress, I love how hilarious Sophie found it. Such gorgeous photos as usual and I love that your Mum has been to visit. xx
    Thanks for linking to #wotw

  2. Jessica’s memorial is lovely, it’s such a nice way to remember her with her favourite dolly smiling and playing. It’s lovely that your mum could stay, I hope you got to put your feet up a little while she helped out. I love the lighthouse you made together, especially the little light at the top, what a great idea x

  3. Aww! The memorial is just perfect! It really is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. It does look so much like Jessica.
    hehehe. Thomas in the dress did make me chuckle. What a cutie.
    Sophie looks very proud of her lighthouse. Well done to her. x

  4. I saw Jessica’s memorial on Instagram and it’s so beautiful, what a gorgeous tribute to your wonderful little girl. Sophie’s lighthouse is very impressive! I’m glad her reading is going so well, it’s so lovely when they start to find a love of reading.

  5. Thomas’s face wearing the dress. It says it all. Jessica’s memorial is beautiful. You’re right about the detail. Spot on. The craftmanship that went into it. It is such a fitting way to mark Jessica’s forever bed. Sophie’s lighthouse is fab. I remember when my youngest did this project at school. Seeing them all go into school, clutching their lighthouses, was a colourful sight. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  6. The memorial is absolutely perfect! Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. It must have been lovely having your mum around for a few days. Sophie looks so happy in the photos. x

  7. The memorial is beautiful, the craftsmanship needed to do that is incredible. Thomas in the dress made me smile 🙂 and the lighthouse is fabulous!

  8. Jessicas memorial is simply beautiful Louise. I hope it all brings you all some comfort when you visit! Poor Thomas he does not look impressed with the dress, but Sophie looks delighted bless her and well done Sophie on going up a reading level xx

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