Friday Focus 21/08/20 – Precious moments

With the end of the summer holidays starting to come into sight, I’m becoming more and more aware of how precious this time right now with my children is. Five months of having Sophie home all day, every day has been such a gift. Yes of course, there have been times that I’ve wanted to pull my hair out and been in desperate need of a break and some me-time, but it has also been so very special to have this amount of time with her at home. It’s time I never would have normally had; moments that I wouldn’t have got to experience and I’ll always be thankful for that. It’s been lovely for Thomas too to have so much time with her and to really see that beautiful bond grow between the two of them. We’re both going to miss Sophie a lot when she starts back at school again.


The word 'precious' with a drawing of me and Sophie reading a book and sitting on the 're'


I’m trying to make the most of these last weeks before life returns to its old routines again. We’ve had fun this week doing crafts together, getting out to the park, playing board games, reading books together and having snuggles on the sofa. Precious moments. As much as I’d love to slow time down and make them last as long as possible, I know that they will pass all too quickly. I’ll just have to try and savour them as much as I can in the meantime.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Being sent some beautiful flowers by a friend to help cheer me up. I shared them with Jessica when we visited her forever bed during the week.


Sophie putting flowers in the vase at Jessica's forever bed



  • Seeing how proud Sophie was of herself with starting to get to grips with how to roller skate and managing to climb to the top of the climbing wall at the park.


  • The little moth that settled on the rain-cover of Thomas’s buggy at GreenAcres and was very reluctant to fly away. I had to gently shake it off otherwise it would have come home in the car with us! One of those little moments that felt like a little sign from Jessica.


An angle-shades moth on top of our buggy raincover


  • Making a shoebox theatre with Sophie.


Sophie's shoebox theatre with cartoon figures of me holding Thomas, hubby, Jessica and Sophie stuck to wooden skewers


  • Watching hubby giving Sophie a piano lesson.


  • Making a teddy bears picnic in an egg box with Sophie.


Sophie with her teddy bears' picnic in an eggbox


  • Watching the children having fun playing in the ‘dinosaur swamp’ in the tuff tray.


Thomas playing with a toy dinosaur in a tuff tray filled with sticks, bark, long grass and water


  • Sophie giving herself some ‘swamp hair’.


Sophie with a handful of long wet grass on her head


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 21/08/20 – Precious moments

  1. I love your crafting this week, very creative. I also love your dinosaur swamp. Those precious moments are the best. I love your word this week. x

  2. I have really enjoyed having my girls at home. Well 99% of the time. It really has been special.
    It sounds like a nice week. That was lovely of your friend to send flowers. They are so pretty.
    The shoebox theatre looks brilliant. What fun and the swamp hair did make me chuckle. x

    1. It has been special to have that time together. I’ll definitely miss it when life returns to more normal routines.

  3. I must admit it’s been nice having the kids at home all this time, doing stuff we would never normally do. They are both desperate to get back to school though 🙂 That teddy bears picnic is cool!

    1. I think Sophie is quite keen to get back to school but it has been nice to have so much time together.

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