Friday Focus 19/03/21 – Routine

We all seem to have settled back into a routine again with Sophie at school during the day, Thomas at home, and me working from home. Hubby’s been going into the office a little more this week but is still home in time for dinner each evening which is nice. I’ve been getting out for walks with Thomas in the mornings and managing to get work done in the afternoons. The to-do list is back to being manageable once again which is such a good feeling!


The word 'routine' with a clock as the 'o'



It’s been nice to be back in a routine again. I think we’re all feeling calmer and happier for it.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie with her drawing of 'The Paper Dolls' book cover and her certificate for winning best book cover design; my seeds on the windowsill in toilet roll tube seed starters; Mother's Day cards and flowers on the piano; a photo of Sophie, Thomas and Jessica with a fairytale forest background; Thomas drawing on his Aquadoodle mat; my Piglets Pantry afternoon tea; cakes in a tin - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 11" 


  • Day 71 – I am grateful that Sophie has enjoyed her first week back at school. She was very pleased to have won the World Book Day best book cover competition at school.


  • Day 72 – I am grateful for all the cardboard tubes collected up in my craft cupboard which I’ve used to make seed starter pots for my flower seeds.


  • Day 73 – I am grateful for Sophie writing Mother’s Day cards for both her siblings as well as herself – it means a lot to still get a card from Jessica. I don’t find Mother’s Day easy but I’m thankful for the love of my children, for my wonderful mum and my mother-in-law, and for those who have ‘mothered’ me through their love and support over the years.


  • Day 74 – I am grateful that the canvas print of my fairytale photo with all three of my children has arrived. Now to find the perfect place to hang it.


  • Day 75 – I am grateful for mess-free mark making!


  • Day 76 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon tea which was a slightly late Mother’s Day present. It was very yummy!


  • Day 77 – I am grateful for a lovely cake delivery and a doorstep chat with friends from a local church.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Going for a walk with a friend.


Thomas walking along holding a big stick over his shoulder



  • Home-made chicken chow-mein that tasted better than the one from the takeaway!


  • Sophie making us a St Patrick’s Day card at school.


The St Patrick's Day card Sophie made for us


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36 thoughts on “Friday Focus 19/03/21 – Routine

  1. It’s good to get back into a routine isn’t it. We had become so lazy, it’s just nice to be having to do things again at particular times. I love the look of your afternoon tea. #wotw

    1. The cardboard tubes are working well so far as starter pots. Not my idea though – it came from a kids’ gardening book that I recently bought.

  2. Routine is a good word. Everything sounds more do-able. Well done Sophie with her book cover. I like that you decluttered and recycled in one sweep by using the toilet tubes for the seeds. May your roots grow strong and leaves soon appear. Your fairytale photo canvas definitely deserves a good position. A really fun photo. Your mess free marking comment made me smile, especially after writing my #wotw this week.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. We’ve got little leaves already appearing so the seedlings are doing well so far. I can see why the mess-free mark making comment made you smile now that I’ve read your post! 🙂

  3. Good idea with the toilet tubes. Saves getting other pots instead. Nice to have some afternoon tea and cakes. Well done Sophie on the WBD win.

  4. Well done to Sophie on her win. The routine is great isn’t it, although I am not looking forward to the other clubs opening up as it is going to be a real juggling act

    1. Thanks Kara. It’s quite nice not having the other clubs at the moment – I’m enjoying not having the juggling act at the moment too!

  5. We’ve really missed our routine over the past year, and glad that we’re finally getting there. we’re loving afternoon tea’s at the moment. We’ve treated ourselves and family to some from local businesses and it’s such a treat 🙂

    1. It does make such a difference to have the routine back. Afternoon tea is such a lovely treat.

  6. I haven’t visited your blog in years, but I vividly remember Jessica. I’m so glad Sophie makes you a mother’s day card on her behalf. I can’t remember whether you’re religious, but if you are, I’d like to say I imagine Jessica smiling from above.

    Congrats to Sophie on winning the book cover contest! You must be so proud.


    1. Thank you Astrid and I’m glad you remember Jessica. I like to think of her as still smiling on us from above too. I was very proud of Sophie winning the book cover contest – she was so pleased to have won.

  7. Routine is good, especially with younger children. Glad Sophie is enjoying school, and big well done to her for winning the competition! That’s fab!
    Love the canvas! What a special gift! How very sweet of Sophie to write Mother’s day cards on behalf of her siblings, that made me all emotional.
    The cake delivery looks delightful.

    1. Thanks Galina. It means so much that Sophie always includes Jessica in cards and makes sure she writes one from both her and Thomas too.

    1. Thank you – the afternoon tea and cakes were much appreciated. I do love how thoughtful Sophie can be.

  8. I am struggling with getting back into the routine! How lovely of Sophie to write you a card from Jessica you should be proud of what a lovely little girl you are raising. Well done on her winning the competition.

    1. Thank you Clare. I am proud of her – she is such a kind little girl. Good luck with getting back into routine – maybe it will settle down more easily on the other side of the Easter holidays.

  9. I am so glad the kids are back in school and you get to have a routine and some free time.. the mother’s card is thoughtful.. the canvas print of your three kids looks lovely..mess-free mark /painting..aren’t they all a Godsend?!hehe
    Hope you have a great week…

    1. It has been nice to have some free time. I’m so pleased with the canvas print, always lovely to have a photo of all three of my children together.

  10. Some lovely Mothers day gifts from the children and the late arrival of the tea is a lovely touch, spreading the day out into a week, which is always lovely.

  11. Well done Sophie with your competition win, what a lovely book cover picture. Both your cake/afternoon tea deliveries look very tasty! Food really gives me a big lift at the moment, but I have certainly got a little heavier in lockdown. Glad you enjoyed your home-made chicken chow-mein, I haven’t had chow-mein in a while but I do enjoy it.

    1. The cake and afternoon tea both went down well. I have to confess I’ve got a little heavier in lockdown too!

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