Friday Focus 18/08/17 – The return of sunshine and summer

This week has seen the return of the sunshine and some warmer weather. It’s been good to be able to get the washing out on the line once again and feel like summer has returned. The girls have been enjoying having the paddling pool out again in the garden. While we don’t tend to let rain stop us from getting out and about, we have certainly spent more time outside this week. We need to make the most of this summer weather while it lasts!


Sunshine - this week's word of the week


We’re still waiting to hear about a date for Jessica’s surgery. I’m beginning to think that this will probably now take place sometime in the Autumn. As a result, I’m starting to think a little ahead again – trying to plan for the start of the new school year and thinking about Jessica’s birthday. We haven’t put any plans in place yet for a birthday party as everything was so uncertain. Her birthday is now less than three weeks away though so we really do need to start organising if she’s going to have a party.



Things I have loved this week:

  • Catching up with a friend over several cups of tea and watching our girls having fun together.


Jessica and Sophie sitting in an arbour with their friends A and S


  • Baking lots of cakes with the fruit picked from my in-laws’ garden.



  • An afternoon exploring and doing a treasure trail with hubby and our girls.


Sophie standing by the charred beam at Jordans Quaker Meeting House with her treasure trail map in her hand


  • Watching the girls racing each other up and down the alleyway next to our garden on their bikes.


  • Watching the girls having fun doing footprint and handprint painting in the garden.


Sophie walking on all fours across a piece of footprint-and-handprint covered lining paper


  • Seeing the sunflowers starting to bloom in the garden.


  • Meeting a friend for lunch at the Rural Activities Garden Centre.


Sophie and Jessica looking out over a pond at the Rural Activities Garden Centre


The Reading Residence

16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 18/08/17 – The return of sunshine and summer

  1. Yes to sunshine and not letting the rain stop the fun. Your girls look so grown up in the last photo. Sounds like they are enjoying their summer. Handprinting in the garden is fun. Our sunflowers are starting to bloom too. Makes it easier to remember it’s summer, even when we have thunder and lightening, which is going on as I write this! #wotw

  2. It has been warmer hasn’t it….We have still had a couple of wet days here and today we keep having showers but the sun is shining and it really seems to lift my mood. Lovely photos. It looks like you have been having a lot of fun! #WotW

  3. What a lovely week you have had, I’m glad you’ve had nice weather. We’ve had a couple of not too bad days, but we’ve also had more than our fair share of rain too. I love that photo of all the girls together, beautiful xx

  4. We have had sunshine but on and off, we have also had rain every day which makes it so hard to plan. It must be odd life being on hold but am glad you are feeling you can plan for Jessica’s Birthday, fingers crossed for another sunny week x

  5. I love the girls matching Shopkins dresses how sweet. We have had a mixed bag of weather so very envious that you got so much sunshine and managed to get outside lots. The girls look like they have had a lovely time. #WotW

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