Friday Focus 18/01/19 – A helping hand from Nanny

Thomas is a very cuddly baby, which is lovely. The downside of this though is that trying to put him down for any length of time can be a challenge. He tends to nap very well in the sling or in my arms, but if I try and put him down for a nap, I’m lucky if he stays asleep for 10 minutes! As much as I love the snuggles, it can be frustrating when I need to get jobs done, especially things that I can’t really do with him in the sling. I’ve been very grateful this week for having my mum come to stay and help out for a few days.


Help - this week's word of the week


It’s been lovely for Sophie and Thomas to spend time with Nanny too. They got lots of attention and cuddles and I managed to do some of the jobs that I’ve been putting off (like my tax return!). It’s also lovely to have the company during the day. I always enjoy spending time with my mum and she’s been such a wonderful support to hubby and me since Jessica died. She always seems to know when to give us space to grieve and when we just need her to be there. After last week’s rollercoaster ride of emotions, her presence has helped this week to be a much calmer one.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie’s joy at being back at ballet and Girls’ Brigade and seeing her friends again.


  • A lovely long walk around Langley Park.


The view across the lake at Langley Park


  • Binge-watching The Crown with my mum.


  • SuperThomas in his Superman Babygro.




  • Having two sleeping children cuddled up to me on the sofa.


  • The way Thomas looks up at me and pats my face while he feeds.


  • Making Thomas laugh.





12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 18/01/19 – A helping hand from Nanny

  1. It’s lovely that your mum could come and stay, my Jake was the same as a baby and like you I enjoyed the cuddles but got very little else done. Those video clips of Thomas are adorable, his little laugh is so cute he’s getting so big now x #wotw

    1. I love that little laugh. He is certainly getting big – can’t believe he’s nearly six months old already x

  2. Oh yes, I’ve had the cuddly babies that don’t want to be put down. I think you really have to suspend real time for a while when you have a baby, let things go and remember the time goes by so quickly and your cuddly baby will soon be an independent little man who doesn’t want to be picked up. It’s lovely to have someone around to help though, even if it’s just so you can rest more. I love Super Thomas, how cute x
    Thanks for linking to #Wotw

    1. Oh absolutely – it will go by quickly, but it can be a little frustrating in the meantime when things need doing! Loving the cuddles though 🙂

  3. Your mother sounds like she has a super power. Knowing when you need her and when not. I’m sure she is enjoying time with you all. Although judging by your Super Thomas video, it won’t be long before Thomas is showing signs of his own super powers. #wotw

    1. She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to knowing when to be there and when to step back. Was so lovely to have that time with her x

  4. Ah he is so adorable, Jack was exactly the same I used to have to clean with him in a sling because I could not put him down as all, its odd to think of that now he is driving and so independent. I bet it’s been so great having your mum there helping. Ah I bet Sophie was thrilled to get back to her friends after the break it gives them a new excitement xx

    1. Ah yes, that’s a good reminder that this stage doesn’t last forever – one day Thomas will be independent just like Jack is. I’ll enjoy the cuddles while they last 🙂

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